Council overview package for May 11, 2020

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City Council endorsed the following items during its General Committee meeting on Monday, May 11, 2020:

Council will consider giving final approval to the items during its regular Council session on Monday, May 25.

City Council meeting agenda

Council is holding its meetings over video conference due to the COVID-19 emergency. While City Hall is closed to the public and Council members are attending their meetings remotely using their computers or phones, residents can watch or listen to the livestream of the meetings at

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Economic development activity for January to March 2020

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Peterborough and the Kawarthas Economic Development presented its first quarter metrics to Council outlining its activities for January to March 2020.

The regional economic development agency's Business Advisory Centre helped 13 companies launch their businesses in the first three months of 2020 and the agency's staff helped 398 businesses with increased call volume related to the COVID-19 situation, including businesses trying to retool to produce different products, trying to find additional supply chain, navigating various government programs, and identifying their need for government assistance.

Early in the year, businesses continued to face the routine challenges that have been reported in the past, the regional economic development agency states.

"The second challenge cannot be understated with the impact of COVID-19 on the business community across all sectors," it says in the report.

COVID-19 response and economic impact for the City

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Council endorsed not applying penalties for unpaid property tax bills that are due on July 31 and September 30 for 60 days, respectively, to assist residents and businesses with the economic challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Council had previously approved not applying penalties for unpaid property tax bills for the March and May installment dates for 60 days, respectively.

Additional assistance measures will be considered. Staff recommend forwarding to the City's economic recovery task force for its consideration two requests for financial assistance from the Electric City Culture Council and from a group that includes the Greater Peterborough Chamber of Commerce, Peterborough Downtown Business Improvement Area, Peterborough and the Kawarthas Economic Development, Community Futures Peterborough, the Innovation Cluster, and Sam McKnight on behalf of a number of business owners.

The City is experiencing financial impacts to its operations with an early estimate of almost $6.9 million in lost revenue and increased costs through June 2020. If the City runs a deficit in 2020, it must fund that cost overrun in its 2021 Budget through increased property taxes or other revenues, decreased expenditures, or use of reserves.

Council supported a motion to work with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, the Association of Municipalities of Ontario, and other municipal governments to ask the federal government and the Province to provide municipalities with funding to help maintain appropriate service levels both during and after the COVID-19 crisis.

The staff report provides information on COVID-19-related activities including homelessness services, communications, food security, emergency child care for essential workers, personal protective equipment, transit, landfill, wastewater collection, waste diversion, public works, planning and building services, enforcement, Council meetings, municipal infrastructure, and general City staffing issues.

Trail system donations

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Council endorsed supporting a community fundraising campaign to provide lighting on 320 metres of the Rotary Greenway Trail between Hunter and Douro streets by having the City provide charitable tax receipts for donations.

It also supported accepting the donation of new trail property that links Firwood Drive, Roper Drive and Parkhill Road.

For the lighting on the trail, Scott Wood of Ashburnham Ale House and the Village Business Improvement Area have launched a project to provide lighting along a stretch of the Rotary Greenway Trail between Hunter and Douro streets. Wood asked for charitable tax receipts through the City for donations to the project with the goal of starting the lighting project in the spring.

Out of the City's 32 kilometres of multi-use trails, there is lighting along 4.7 kilometres.

Separate from the donations for lighting on the Rotary Greenway Trail, long-time trail supporters Barron Cowan and Haig Kelly are working with the City on a new trail linking Firwood Drive and Roper Drive through Roper Park and from Roper Park north to Parkhill Road on City property. The section of new trail would be donated to the City. Cowan and Kelly would oversee construction and fund the cost of the new trail.

Providing policing services for Cavan Monaghan Township

Council endorsed amending and extending an agreement with Cavan Monaghan Township for the provision of police services for another two years.

Council originally approved the City police service providing policing in Cavan Monaghan Township from 2015 to 2020 with the agreement expiring on September 30, 2020. While staff from the City, Peterborough Police Service, and the Township met several times to negotiate a contract renewal, staff are now recommending a short-term extension of two years maintaining the status quo arrangement in consideration of the current situation with the declared state of emergencies in both municipalities.

One of the topics that has been discussed through the negotiations is the issue of police radio coverage in the township. The Township obtained preliminary cost estimates from the City's supplier of radio infrastructure that could be installed in the Township, the parties are exploring if the Durham Region radio infrastructure could be used to assist, and there's been a review of how the existing radio infrastructure is configured in police vehicles to see if there can be improvements. The radio coverage issue will continue to be explored.

Cavan Monaghan would pay $324,249 for the base police services plus the cost of liability insurance for October 2020 to December 2020. The cost of annual increases for the contract will be based on negotiations with staff for salaries and inflationary factors for other expenses.

Budget for buying three waste collection vehicles

Council supported creating a $990,000 budget for the purchase of three tandem axle waste collection vehicles to support the source separated organic waste collection program.

The money would come from the City's fleet reserve fund.

Council has approved a project to implement curbside collection of source separated organics - household organic waste - as well as a centralized composting facility. The City's fleet of waste collection vehicles will be changed to handle the new service with a different mix of vehicles. The purchase of three tandem axle side loader collection vehicles is part of the change in the City's fleet of collection vehicles.

The current fleet makeup for waste collection vehicles are 10 single stream tandem axle side loaders and one single stream single axle rear loader. The new fleet makeup model proposed for the 2023 source separated organics roll out will be three single stream tandem axle side loaders, eight dual stream (co-collection) tandem axle side loaders and one single stream single axle rear loader vehicle.

Moorecraig Road and Roper Drive reconstruction

Council endorsed awarding a $2.8-million contract to Coco Paving Inc. for road reconstruction on Moorecraig Road and Roper Drive, including new curbs, and sewers.

To help pay for the work, Council would pre-commit $600,000 from the City's 2021 capital budget. The estimated total project cost is $3.06 million.

The project covers the reconstruction and urbanization of Moorecraig Road and Roper Drive from Wallis Drive to a point 30 metres west of Moorecraig Road including the installation of concrete curb, storm sewer, sanitary sewer, water main, tree plantings, and storm water management infrastructure.

Staff had recommended that the project include a sidewalk on the north side of Roper Drive. Council did not support moving ahead with that portion of the project. It directed that the estimated $30,000 that would have been spent on the sidewalk be put into the City's sidewalk construction budget for future use on another sidewalk project.