Council overview package for September 3, 2019

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Peterborough City Hall front doors

City Council, sitting as General Committee, will consider the following items at its meeting that begins at 6 p.m. in the Council Chambers at City Hall, 500 George St. N.:

Council meetings are live streamed online at

Council will also hold a closed-session meeting starting at 5:45 p.m. in the Doris Room at City Hall to discuss a matter related to a proposed or pending acquisition or disposition of land - O'Grady Subdivision. The meeting is being held in closed session under Section 239(2)(c) of the Municipal Act.

Zoning to allow eight-unit residential building at 1078 Brealey Dr.

Map of location of 1078 Brealey Dr

Council will consider changing the zoning for 1078 Brealey Dr. to allow the property to be used for an eight-unit residential building.

The property is at the northeast corner of Brealey Drive and Kawartha Heights Boulevard in a neighbourhood that has a mix of housing styles and densities. There's currently a house on the property that has been converted into a four-unit residential building, contrary to the zoning.

The applicant would build additions to the existing building and add parking spaces to support eight dwelling units.

With the mix of low- and medium-density housing and community-based institutional type uses in the neighbourhood, a low-rise, two-storey apartment building on full municipal services would fit with the character of the surrounding area, staff state in the report.

Allowing an office use at 458 George St. S.

Map of location of 458 George St S

Council will consider adding office use as one of the permitted uses for the property at 458 George St. S.

The property is at the northeast corner of the intersection of George and Ware streets, close to the southern boundary of the City's Central Area. Since at least 1985, the property has been used for mixed residential-commercial purposes with a hair salon on the main level and a residential apartment on the second storey.

The property owner has applied to change the zoning for the property to allow the main floor of the existing building to be used for an office for an engineering firm.

Peterborough Police Services Board 2020-2023 Strategic Plan update

A presentation on the Peterborough Police Services Board 2020-2023 Strategic Plan update will be provided during the Council meeting on Tuesday, September 3, 2019.

Met Scan, the consultants hired by the Police Services Board to help with developing the organization's 2020-2023 Strategic Plan, will be presenting the information.

The Police Services Act requires that police services boards consult with municipal councils as part of the development of their strategic plans. Council members of the City of Peterborough as well as Council members of the townships of Selwyn and Cavan Monaghan were provided a survey electronically in June and July. In addition to policing in the City of Peterborough, Peterborough Police Service provides policing in Cavan Monaghan Township and in Lakefield in Selwyn Township.

Minor changes to the zoning bylaw for 1341 Water St.

Site map showing layout of three multi-residential buildings

Council will consider allowing the City's Committee of Adjustment to consider an application for minor changes to the zoning bylaw for 1341 Water St.

The Planning Act prohibits applicants from applying for minor changes to the zoning of a property within two years of Council approving a zoning change to that property, unless the Council passes a motion to allow it to be considered. The intention is to give greater control to Councils by preventing an applicant from going to a Committee of Adjustment, which handles minor variance or minor zoning change applications, to reverse a regulation set by Council within two years.

For 1341 Water St., the applicant is asking for changes to the regulations for minimum distances between apartment windows and parking for the property where it plans to build three five-storey buildings with a combination of underground and surface parking. The development would create 96 residential units in the three buildings.

Staff are recommending that Council allow the application to proceed to the Committee of Adjustment.

Speed limit on Lansdowne Street East

Sign indicating speed limit and parking restrictions

Council will consider reducing the speed limit on Lansdowne Street East from Ashburnham Drive to 100 metres east of Willowcreek Boulevard to 50 kilometres an hour from 60 kilometres an hour.

Over the years, the properties along Lansdowne Street, east of Ashburnham Drive, have evolved with new commercial and residential uses. The City has gradually upgraded the roadway to a full urban cross-section with curbs, gutters, sidewalks and an off-street multi-use trail connecting to the Trans-Canada Trail.

To improve safety, staff recommend extending the existing 50 kilometres an hour speed limit from Ashburnham Drive to 100 metres east of Willowcreek Boulevard to better reflect the growing urbanization and level of activity in that section of the road.

All-way stop at Chandler Crescent and Louden Terrace

Council will consider approving installing an all-way stop at the intersection of Chandler Crescent and Louden Terrace after the City reviewed the traffic flow at that intersection.

In a 12-hour period, vehicles went through the intersection 1,723 times, with 20% of those movements originating on Louden Terrace. There's been on recorded collision at the intersection since 2014. The average speed of traffic on Chandler Crescent during the review was 43 kilometres per hour with 85% of vehicles going 49 kilometres an hour or slower.

Chandler Crescent has a curve south of Louden Terrace that reduces sightlines for eastbound drivers on the west section of Louden Terrace. The reduced sightlines make it difficult for side road traffic and pedestrians to determine safe gaps in traffic to make their turn or to cross the main road. Another consideration is that there's a park with a playground near the intersection.

Access trail to Thompsons Bay Dam through Waverley Heights Park

Map of Waverley Heights maintenance access trail

Council will consider allowing Parks Canada to build a maintenance access trail from Scollard Drive through Waverley Heights Park to Thompsons Bay Dam.

Parks Canada would pay for the cost of building the access trail. The City would maintain the trail.

The City and Parks Canada are working together on a proposed Peterborough Trent-Severn Waterway canal trail, including public consultation on the route and design.

Increasing Harper Park Subwatershed Management Study budget

Council will consider increasing the budget for the Harper Park Subwatershed Management Study to $400,000 from $112,500 plus HST due to a greater scope of work for the project that emerged from public consultation.

Although the scope of work has changed, the additions that came out of the public consultation are reasonable requests, staff state.

Harper Creek Subwatershed is an environmentally sensitive area that contains a provincially significant wetland, species at risk and a localized cold-water fish community, including a brook trout population.

The Subwatershed Study is required to inform future land use decisions and develop a management study for the protection and enhancement of the Harper Creek Subwatershed.

Ashborough Village subdivision information report

An information report on transportation planning, commercial uses, environmental considerations and public art opportunities related to the planned Ashborough Village subdivision at south of Old Norwood Road and west of Television Road in the City's east end will be considered by Council.

Council had asked for a report back on the planning related to the subdivision as part of its approval of the Draft Plan of Subdivision for the development in September 2018.

The City expects to award a contract for the East Side Transportation Study and Municipal Class Environmental Assessment for broader transportation-related planning in the area in fall 2019. The study will identify an integrated set of improvements to address and support existing and future long-term needs, including the alignment of Ashburnham Drive near the planned Ashborough Village subdivision.

The developer is planning for high-density residential uses together with up to 2,000 square metres of small-scale, local commercial uses on a block of the property that's on Television Road.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry has agreed with the applicant's natural heritage consultant's review of the property that confirms the wetland pockets on the site are separate from the Downer's Corners provincially significant wetland. Otonabee Conservation and the Ministry of Natural Resources have not suggested, based on the material reviewed, that the stie should be considered significant wildlife habitat.

There may be an opportunity to install public art at the planned park site in the subdivision under the City's public art program and the City's willing to explore a public-private partnership with the applicant on a public art project.