Council overview package for July 8, 2019

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Peterborough City Hall front doors

City Council, sitting as General Committee, will consider the following items at its meeting at City Hall, 500 George St. N., starting at 6 p.m. on Monday, July 8, 2019:

In addition to the regular General Committee meeting, Council will hold a closed-session meeting starting at 5:45 p.m. in the Doris Room at City Hall to consider a matter that is related to litigation or potential litigation and advice that is subject to solicitor-client privilege, which is permitted under Section 239(2)(e) and Section 239(2)(f) of the Municipal Act.

Council meetings are live streamed online at

Highway 115 rehabilitation project

A representative from the Ministry of Transportation Ontario will present to Council on the province's Highway 115 rehabilitation project.

City of Peterborough Holdings Inc. annual update

Council will hear a presentation from City of Peterborough Holdings Inc. on its activities and financial position for 2018.

City of Peterborough Holdings Inc. is the parent company of the Peterborough Utilities group of companies, including Peterborough Utilities Services that provides services such as customer service and billing activities for the companies, Peterborough Utilities generation that includes the electricity generation assets, and Peterborough Distribution Inc. that includes the electricity distribution infrastructure such as the poles and wires.

Over the past nine years, earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization has grown 148% from $11.37 million in 2009 to its current level of $28.18 million.

The City is the sole shareholder of City of Peterborough Holdings Inc. During 2018, the company paid the City of Peterborough dividends of $5.67 million (2017: $5.55 million), a 2.1% increase over the previous year. Cumulatively, $84.97 million in distributions (dividends and interest) has been paid to the City of Peterborough by the utility since its incorporation in 2000.

Official Plan review process update

The Official Plan Working Group received the draft Official Plan policy document for review on June 26, 2019, city staff state in an update report to Council.

City staff are starting public consultation for review of the document that will take place throughout the summer and early fall. The working group, Council, key stakeholders and the community will have opportunities to take part in the public consultation process. A variety of means and methods will be used to include as many people as possible such as public open house meetings, stakeholder meetings, pop-up information booths and online engagement.

Peterborough Architectural Conservation Advisory Committee appointment

Council will consider appointing Deborah Keay as the Peterborough Historical Society representative on the Peterborough Architectural Conservation Advisory Committee.

Peterborough Environmental Advisory Committee appointments

Council will consider appointing eight people as members of the newly created Peterborough Environmental Advisory Committee.

Craig Mortlock, Stephanie Rutherford, Dana Jordan and Chris Magwood would be appointed with terms to expire November 2021. Fraser Smith and Mary Konrad would be appointed with terms to expire November 2022. Peter Lafleur and Sandra Orsatti be appointed with terms to expire November 2023.

The City received 76 applications from people interested in serving on the committee.

Quarterly Financial Report

Council will consider several recommendations as part of the March 31, 2019 unaudited Quarterly Financial Report including:

  • Increasing maximum subsidies available under the Flood Reduction Subsidy Program;
  • Reallocating funding sources for several transit and transportation related projects to align with grant funding;
  • Creating a project for accessibility upgrades at the Art Gallery of Peterborough after the City was successful in its grant application for $100,000 from the federal Enabling Accessibility Fund; and
  • Providing $2,000 for a Poet Laureate pilot program.

Peterborough Utilities Commission development charge rates

Council will consider approving new Peterborough Utilities Commission development charge rates that are levied against new development to pay for growth-related water service infrastructure.

The largest rate decrease would be in the Chemong East area where the charge per new single or semi-detached unit would decrease 46% to $1,026 from $1,885 per unit. The largest rate increase would be in the Carnegie West area where the charge per new single or semi-detached unit would increase 4% to $2,186 from $2,108.

Residential development at 365 Armour Rd.

Site map of residential development at 365 Armour Rd.

Council will consider removing the holding symbol to complete the rezoning of 365 Armour Rd. where the developer plans to build 27 residential units.

The property is part of the former St. Joseph's hospital complex. The developer is converting the existing building at 365 Armour Rd. into residential units.

Residential development at 540 Brealey Dr.

Site map of residential development at 540 Brealey Dr

Council will consider removing the holding symbol to complete the rezoning of 520 and 540 Brealey Dr., with 46 residential units planned on the portion of the property at 540 Brealey Dr.

A two-storey, 18 unit apartment building is proposed along the north limit of the property. Thirty-six parking spaces are provided for the apartment building, including three spaces for persons with a disability. Along the east side of the property, twenty-eight dwelling units are proposed in four blocks of two-storey townhouse type units. Each unit has a parking space in a garage and one on a driveway.

The property at 520 Brealey Dr. is the Chrisitan Victory Church site.