Council overview package for July 2, 2019

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Peterborough City Hall front doors

City Council, sitting as General Committee, will consider the following items at its meeting at City Hall, 500 George St. N., starting at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, July 2, 2019:

In addition to the regular General Committee meeting, Council will hold a closed-session meeting starting at 5:45 p.m. in the Doris Room at City Hall to consider a proposed or pending acquisition of land by the municipality on Jameson Drive, which is permitted under Section 232(2)(c) of the Municipal Act.

Council meetings are live streamed online at

Opioid crisis presentation

Medical Officer of Health Dr. Rosana Salvaterra and Deputy Police Chief Tim Farquharson will present information to Council on the opioid crisis.

Council requested the presentation as part of the ongoing efforts to work with partner agencies to come up with ways to respond to the opioid crisis.

Peterborough Mayor Diane Therrien and Selwyn Deputy Mayor Sherry Sennis are co-hosting a community summit on the opioid crisis on Thursday, July 11, 2019 starting at 6 p.m. at Market Hall. Anyone who's interested in attending the summit can register online to reserve a seat.

Heritage designation for 130 Simcoe St.

Two storey commercial building downtown

Council will consider a recommendation from the Peterborough Architectural Conservation Advisory Committee that the City designate 130 Simcoe St., the current location of a Bank of Montreal branch at Simcoe and Water streets, as a property of cultural heritage value or interest under the Ontario Heritage Act.

Heritage designation prohibits unwarranted demolition and controls major alterations that might otherwise harm specific heritage features. The proposed designation for 130 Simcoe St. would protect the heritage attributes of the exterior of the building while allowing the interior to be freely renovated for a new use.

The building was built in 1960 for the Bank of Montreal. It demonstrates many of the key features of modernist design including its flat roof, lack of ornamentation, and use of curtain walls to accommodate large bands of windows, according to the heritage brief for the property.

Adding 237 as listed properties on the Heritage Properties Register

Council will consider adding 237 properties as listed properties of cultural heritage value or interest on the Register of Heritage Properties, as recommended by the Peterborough Architectural Conservation Advisory Committee.

Properties listed on the Register but not designated under the Ontario Hertage Act are eligible for full heritage designation in the future; however, these properties don't have the same level of controls placed on them as properties that are designated. Listed properties don't have to go through an approvals process for alterations to the property. One element of control on listed properties is that the owner of a building on a listed property must give 60-days notice of their intention to seek a demolition permit.

Daily meal program and drop-in centre contract extension

Council will consider a recommendation to extend the contract with St. John Anglican Church for the delivery of the Community Meal and Drop-in Centre Program for an additional year, from January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020, at a cost of up to $208,000.

The meal program provides a free lunch five days a week, Monday to Friday, and a free supper seven days a week. The drop-in centre is open from noon to 7 p.m. every day of the year - when there's an extreme cold or heat alert, the centre extends its hours to 9 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. as part of the service.

In 2018, the meal program provided an average of 230 meals a day. About 100 volunteer shifts are scheduled each week to help provide the services at the Centre.

Affordable housing service agreement for 225 Stewart St.

Council will consider a recommendation to transfer the affordable housing service agreement for 30 units at 225 Stewart St. to the new owner of the property and extending the agreement for an additional 10 years to January 15, 2032.

The former bread factory at 225 Stewart St. was converted into 30 units of affordable housing under a Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation program in 2003. Rents for all the units need to be at median market rent under the agreement. The City agreed as part of the creation of the units to exempt the property from a portion of the property taxes for the property - in 2019, the property tax exemption value is $23,184.

The current owner has an agreement to sell the property. Before the sale can occur, under the terms of the affordable housing agreement the current owner needs the approval of the City that imposes the terms of the original agreement on the new owner. The new owner is also asking for an extension of the affordable housing agreement to keep the units as affordable housing units until 2032 instead of the current expiry in 2022.

Installation of storm sewers at the Peterborough Airport

Aerial photo of Peterborough airport

City Council will consider a recommendation to award a contract for the engineering, supply and installation of storm sewers at the Peterborough Airport for $118,000 plus tax without going through the standard procurement process.

The contract would be awarded to Vicano Construction Ltd.

The City's recommending not going through a competitive process to award this contract in order to ensure compatibility with existing products, which is an exception considered under the City's Procurement By-law. The City is looking to ensure compatibility with work being done at the Flying Colours development at the airport. Vicano Construction is the contractor doing the work for Flying Colours. Assigning an existing contractor will eliminate any possible conflict with compatibility of engineering plans.

Residential Conversion and Intensification Grant - 362 George St. N.

Council will consider providing a $132,000 grant through the Residential Conversion and Intensification Grant program to support redevelopment of the second and third storeys of the building at 362 George St. N. into 14 two-storey apartments.

The City budgeted $800,000 in the 2019 Budget for the Residential Conversion and Intensification Grant. The program allows for funding up to an amount of $10 per square foot of new residential floor area in the Central Area, particularly for upper storeys of buildings in the Central Area. The project at 362 George St. N. would include 13,200 square feet of residential floor area.

The property at 362 George St. N. is at the northeast corner of George Street North and Simcoe Street. It's a three-storey building with ground-floor commercial. The upper storeys are currently mostly vacant but contain some studio and office uses.

Encroachment agreements for portions of 279 Lake St. and 617 The Kingsway

Council will consider entering into encroachment agreements for portions of 279 Lake St. and 617 The Kingsway.

The City owns 279 Lake St., which used to be part of a CPR rail corridor. A driveway and patio for the neighbouring property at 283 Lake St. partially encroaches on the City-owned property at 279 Lake St. The City and the neighbouring property owner would enter into an encroachment agreement.

The City owns the strip of land that's 617 The Kingsway. The neighbouring property owner at 615 The Kingsway has been using the property for many years for storing pallets and rigid roof insulation. The City and the neighbouring property owner would enter into an encroachment agreement.