Council overview package for August 12, 2019

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Peterborough City Hall front doors

City Council approved the following items during a Special General Committee meeting and a Special Council meeting at City Hall on Monday, August 12, 2019:

Council meetings are live streamed online and the recordings can be found at

Converting City-owned houses into affordable housing or transitional housing

Council deferred a proposal for creating a new $300,000 capital project to renovate City-owned houses at 808 Sherbrooke St. and 953 Clonsilla Ave., to convert them into affordable housing or transitional housing rental units.

Peterborough Housing Corporation, a social and affordable housing provider, would manage the new housing units.

There is a strong need for more affordable housing and transitional housing. These two properties are owned by the City and could be renovated in a fairly short period of time to be rented out as affordable housing or transitional housing. The tenants would be selected through the By-Name Priority List for homelessness.

The City bought the house at 953 Clonsilla Ave., which has eight bedrooms, for $445,000 in 2014. It bought the house at 808 Sherbrooke St., which has two units including a two-bedroom unit and a one-bedroom unit with each unit having the potential to be configured with an additional bedroom in each unit, for $245,000 in 2016. The two properties were purchased for road construction purposes, but the road construction isn't planned to happen in at least the next five years.

The house at 953 Clonsilla Ave. has served at different times as an emergency shelter for families and transitional housing for men.

Parks and Facilities By-Law

Council approved a Parks and Facilities By-Law that more clearly establishes rules for the shared public use and enjoyment of the City's parks and open spaces and for the protection of the natural environment.

A more detailed overview of the Parks and Facilities By-Law

The City previously didn't have a stand-alone by-law that more specifically regulated the use of its parks and open spaces.

The by-law requires a permit for certain activities such as selling items and services, allows City staff to set rules for other activities in parks such as launching boats and swimming, and prohibits other activities such as disturbing wildlife and damaging City-owned property.

It prohibits the erection or occupation of structures, huts or tents, except when done under a permit issued by City staff or without a permit when the City's Chief Administrative Officer determines that the number of locally available shelter beds is less than the number of individuals in need of shelter.

The by-law balances uses and provides flexibility to maintain the shared public use and enjoyment of the City's parks and open spaces and for the protection of the natural environment.

Council directed City staff to consult with Arenas, Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee and to report back to Council by January 31, 2020 on any potential changes to the by-law.

Trespass By-Law

Council approved a Trespass By-Law that defines prohibited activities and behaviour on City-owned property and provides delegated authority for issuing trespass notices.

Through the by-law, Council established the framework that directs staff in the administration of trespass notices. The new Parks and Facilities By-law includes delegated authority to issue trespass notices in City parks, while the Trespass By-law is a general by-law that relates to all City properties and facilities.

Prohibited conduct that could lead to the issuing of a no trespass notice includes:

  • Damaging a City facility
  • Interfering with the operation of a City facility
  • Interfering with others' use of a City facility
  • Contravening a law of Canada, an Ontario law, or a municipal by-law

A person who has received a no trespass notice would still be able to attend Council and Council Committee meetings as long as they notify the City Clerk that they'll be attending the meeting and comply with directions by the Mayor or the Committee Chair regarding the conduct of the meeting.