Construction Notice - Sod Remediation Hilliard Street and Marina Boulevard

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In continuation of the 2017-2018 construction, Behan Construction’s sub-contractor Cressman Tree Services and Landscaping Ltd will be conducting remedial landscaping work on Marina Boulevard and Hilliard Street related to the reconstruction project that took place in 2017-2018. Some sod defects have predominantly occurred as a result of the dry summer in 2020. The remediation of the sod will only take place up to the limits previously affected during the reconstruction of Marina Boulevard and Hilliard Street.

The Contractor is tentatively scheduled to mobilize April 26, 2021, weather dependent. The work is expected to be completed by the end of June 2021 with subsequent watering of the remediated areas.

The scope of remediation will generally include an application of slit seeding, filling of depressions followed by an application of overseeding where required.

Please be aware that existing weeds will remain. The Contractor will be responsible for ensuring the establishments of seed into grass which may vary depending on the amount of weeds. Homeowners are encouraged to care for the new grass by watering, weeding and ensuring that the grass is not cut too short. Please note that no warranties will be made for this work and that homeowners are responsible for care and maintenance of the remediated areas.

To facilitate this work, Marina Boulevard and Hilliard Street may periodically be reduced to one lane. As a result, it is expected that local traffic may experience delays within the construction limits.

Should you have any special requirements or issues with accessibility please forward notice of such prior to the above commencement date in order that they may be addressed with the contractor.

Any issues or questions that arise prior to and/or during construction, please contact the following:

Dan Witteveen
Engineering and Construction Inspector
Cell: (705) 875-8526