Construction Notice - Monaghan Road from Parkhill Road West to Walnut Street

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Tender Contract Number: ITT-03-21
Pavement Preservation – Micro-surfacing – Monaghan Road from Parkhill Road West to Walnut Street

The City has awarded the above noted project to Dufferin Construction Company. The Contractor is scheduled to mobilize to this location May 10, 2021. The work is scheduled to be completed by the fall of 2021.

The scope of work includes the installation/adjustments of select frames, covers and grates, minor curb removal, curb re-installations, application of emulsified asphalt tack coat, installation of micro surface asphalt treatment and the application of pavement markings on Monaghan Road between Parkhill Road West and Walnut Street.

There are no scheduled road closures for the contract at this time, however traffic will experience lane shifts and at times will be reduced to one lane with the use of flagging operations during the project works. As a result, it is expected that local traffic may experience delays within the construction limits.

Please contact us if you have any accessibility concerns before the above date in order that they may be addressed with the contractor.

If any issues or questions arise prior to and/or during construction, please contact the following:

Todd Williamson, CET, EIT
Engineering Design and Construction Inspector/Technologist
Phone: 705-742-7777 ext. 1760

Please note the content of this notice may have been modified from the original notice provided to affected local residents in order to accommodate the online posting.