Construction Notice - Jackson Creek Flood Diversion Contract No. 2

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Tender Contract Number: ITT-24-20
Jackson Creek Flood Diversion, Contract No. 2 – Construction

The City awarded the above noted project to Trisan Construction in early 2021. The Contractor mobilized to this location in April 2021 as part of the Central Area (Bethune Street) Flood Reduction Project and work has been ongoing since that time.

The scope of work generally includes shoring, earth excavation, grading, storm sewer, box culvert, outlet structure and outlet works, water main, sanitary sewer, concrete curb and gutter, concrete sidewalk, street lighting and road reconstruction for work on Townsend Street and Bethune Street. Works in 2021 included underground utility works on both Townsend Street and portions of Bethune Street and some street reconstruction on Townsend Street. Street reconstruction has recently started on Bethune Street at the Wolfe Street and Bethune Street intersection and will continue going north, All work is scheduled to be completed by late fall 2022.

To facilitate the completion of this work, Townsend Street from Aylmer Street to Stewart Street remains closed to traffic until the works are completed. In addition, Bethune Street from Townsend Street to McDonnel Street will continue to be closed in various stages throughout the project. A marked detour route with detour signage for local traffic is posted to allow local traffic to travel around the closure. Please note that all local business will remain open during this road closure.

Please contact us if you have any accessibility concerns in order that they may be addressed with the contractor.

If any issues or questions arise during construction, please contact the following:

Martin Doran, P. Eng. (Contract Administrator)
AECOM Canada Ltd. - Manager, Construction, Water
Tel: 905-215-1256
Cell: 905-767-5614

Please note the content of this notice may have been modified from the original notice provided to affected local residents ir order to accommodate the online posting.