Climate Change Action Plan 2.0 - telephone survey

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Peterborough, ON – The City of Peterborough will be conducting a telephone survey as part of its consultation on developing a new Climate Change Action Plan 2.0 to support Peterborough in reaching its net-zero 2050 community greenhouse gas pollution reduction target.

The telephone survey will launch on Monday, November 27, and run until Friday, December 8.

Environics Research will be conducting the survey on behalf of the City. Residents are encouraged to answer calls from  Environics to participate.

The survey seeks information from City residents to understand their preferences for selected mitigation measures that the Climate Change Action Plan 2.0 may develop as part of the community plan.

Once the Climate Change Action Plan 2.0 is approved by City Council, it will aim to achieve the following:

  • Provide City staff with direction as to how to reduce community sources of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Identify the amount of pollution that can be reasonably avoided through the implementation of each measure
  • Determine the projected costs of each climate action measure
  • Ascertain the level of responsibility the City has for each climate measure and determine which action will require a higher order of government to achieve mitigation results.

“The City’s new Climate Change Action Plan 2.0 will help us all define what we can do as individuals, as a community, and as a municipal government to mitigate climate change and protect our environment. Please take the time to complete the telephone survey or the online survey. Your input is an essential piece of the puzzle,” said Councillor Joy Lachica,  Chair of the City’s Environment and Climate Change Portfolio.

An online questionnaire for residents to complete that contains the phone survey questions will be available until December 29, 2023, on the City’s online community engagement hub, Connect Peterborough, at

Additional Climate Change Action Plan 2.0  project information will be posted on page as the plan develops over the coming months.