Central area flood reduction project resumes

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Road construction work

Peterborough, ON - A major central area flood reduction project is resuming with the second phase beginning in early April. The contractor will set up for the installation of a large box culvert under Bethune Street that runs from Jackson Creek at McDonnel Street at the north end to the newly constructed outlet to Little Lake at Townsend Street at the south end.

The construction is expected to be done by late fall 2022. The project also includes work on sanitary and storm sewers, the water main, curbs and gutters, sidewalks, streetlights, and road reconstruction on Townsend and Bethune streets.

”Our City is continuing to invest in flood reduction and climate adaptation work throughout our community. While the Jackson Creek Flood Diversion Project is the largest single flood reduction project, it’s part of an overall plan that has included work in neighbourhoods across the City, including the recently completed work on Caddy Street in East City,” Mayor Diane Therrien said.

”The Jackson Creek Flood Diversion Project is an exciting project that will help protect homes and businesses in our downtown area from potential for flooding while also rebuilding a street with new infrastructure, hopefully leading to new investment and revitalization in an area of our downtown,” Town Ward Councillor Kemi Akapo said.

”This is a $52.7-million project, installing a massive new storm sewer and other underground infrastructure as part of our efforts to reduce the potential for flooding. Our downtown was one of the hardest hit areas in the 2004 flood. With climate change continuing to affect our weather, we need to make these substantial investments to protect our community,” Town Ward Councillor Dean Pappas said.

Letters are being delivered to homes and businesses within the project area with information on the planned work. The City is offering to inspect properties within the construction area to note their conditions before the work along the street - a pre-construction survey is common practice for a project of this size.

Throughout the project, sections of Bethune Street will be closed at various stages with marked detour routes for local traffic to travel around the closure. Access will be maintained for local businesses, which will remain open during the road closure.

Townsend Street between George and Aylmer streets will be closed to through traffic during the project. Access for local traffic will be maintained; however, local traffic may experience delays within the construction area.

A public meeting on the project is expected to be held in April. Details on how to attend will be posted on the City’s website at peterborough.ca.

With the completion of Phase 2 of the project, the new system will divert storm water from Jackson Creek near Murray Street, around the central area through the new box culvert under Bethune Street, to Little Lake, reducing the potential for flooding in the central area of the City.

In 2019-2020, Phase 1 of the project was completed with the construction of a new and larger outlet for storm water at Little Lake. As part of the first phase, a section of Townsend Street between George and Aylmer streets was excavated to install the outlet structure and do repairs on the bridge that is under George Street at Townsend Street.

The $52.7-million central area flood reduction project, which includes both Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the Jackson Creek Flood Diversion Project, is the largest project in the recommendations from the city-wide Flood Reduction Master Plan. The Flood Reduction Master Plan developed recommendations to reduce the potential for flooding in the City after the flood in July 2004 that caused significant damage valued at more than $100 million at that time.

The Province and Federal Government announced in July 2015 that they would contribute $15.9 million from the Small Communities Fund of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs for the Jackson Creek Flood Diversion Project, which is identified as a climate adaptation project.

The City has been completing flood reduction work throughout the community as part of its implementation of the recommendations from the Flood Reduction Master Plan.

More information on the central area flood reduction project, including past reports on the project, is available at peterborough.ca/projects.


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