Carpool month rolling with $500 gas prize offer

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Peterborough, ON – February is Carpool Month in Ontario. The month-long campaign aims to get more people carpooling by encouraging them to register with the Carpool Ontario ride-matching tool. The tool helps you find someone to carpool with by looking at your origin and destination, when you travel, and whether you want to drive, be a passenger or share driving.
During Carpool Month, when you log in or create an account on the Carpool Ontario tool ( you are automatically entered for a chance to win $500 towards your gas purchases.
You can refer a friend (or friends) for additional entries into the grand prize draw. The more successful referrals who register, the more entries you will receive. New registrants will be asked to provide the referring person's email address.
Besides saving on gas money and parking costs, carpoolers enjoy more time to get organized, catch up on emails or connect with friends when they are the passenger.
“Carpooling can be a stress reliever and the financial savings add up substantially over the year,” said Susan Sauvé, transportation demand management planner for the City of Peterborough. “The new online carpool tool is a great way to find the right fit for someone to carpool with.”
Tips for Carpooling
Carpooling works best when the rules are agreed upon ahead of time. Smart Commute provides the following tips.
Communication: Ensure everyone has a copy of home, work or cell numbers in case of illness or a change in plans. Don’t forget to give notice of vacation, personal or overtime plans.
Route and schedule: Establish the morning pickup point(s) and designate a place to meet for the trip home.
Waiting times: Decide as a group how long you’ll wait for a passenger. The usual waiting time is two to three minutes.
Cost sharing: If your carpoolers don’t share the driving equally, decide how the costs will be shared and agree on payment dates.
Driving schedule: If all members of your carpool alternate driving, decide among yourselves if you want to alternate on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
Driving: Keep the car clean, in good repair, filled with enough gas for each trip and drive carefully and responsibly.
Insurance: Check your policy if you will be a driver in the carpool. Your insurance rates may rise or fall if you carpool on a regular basis.
Discuss the ground rules: Discuss what can be done in the car, like smoking, eating or drinking. Some passengers may be sensitive to strong perfumes or colognes, so check if these are okay to wear. Do you all want to stop for coffee on the way to work? It’s probably best to save side trips for days you don’t carpool, or the weekend. Will you discuss work, current events or the newest novel? Decide which radio stations and music types are acceptable, or if riders prefer quiet rides.
Give your carpool time to get in the groove: It usually takes a few weeks for everyone’s routine to come together. You don’t have to carpool every day. Find out what works best for you.
Emergency ride home: For workplaces registered with the Commute Ontario program, carpoolers qualify for a taxi ride home if there is an emergency. Remember to inform your carpool partners they do not have to wait for you! Workplaces already registered include Trent University and the City of Peterborough.
Carpool Ontario
Carpool Ontario is one of the Commute Ontario programs offered to commuters, workplaces, post-secondary institutions and communities across the province. Carpool Ontario ( allows users to connect with drivers and riders across Ontario and share the ride to work, school, and events with neighbours, co-workers, old and new friends.
Thanks to a generous grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, SustainMobility has created the Commute Ontario project offering sustainable transportation programs to commuters, workplaces, post-secondary institutions and communities across the province.
This information is also on the City of Peterborough website
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