Artists selected for Indoor-Outdoor: A public art for public facilities project

full bike rack

Otonabee River from Hunter Street Bridge

Four local artists have been selected for the City of Peterborough’s latest public art project, Indoor-Outdoor, that will integrate artwork into City parks, recreation facilities and other City buildings.

Stage one of the project, Indoor, will be completed in early 2023. Stage two, called Outdoor, will be completed later in the year.

“The Indoor-Outdoor project, which allows for the display of art in unexpected places, was made possible by a resolution passed by the Council in November 2021. The goal of this project is to support local artists and enhance the community by bringing art to a wider audience. The success of this project is evaluated not only by the benefits it brings to artists, but also by the pleasure it brings to the many people who will experience the artworks,” said Councillor Alex Bierk, Chair of Council’s Arts, Culture and Heritage Portfolio.  

The call for submissions for this opportunity sought original new, recent, or past works for indoor facilities. It was open to professional artists and cultural practitioners living in the City of Peterborough, County of Peterborough, Hiawatha First Nation, or Curve Lake First Nation.               

City Public Art Projects are reviewed by selection committees composed of five members of the community with interests or expertise in contemporary art, architecture, design, engineering, history, or cultural tourism. The members of the Indoor- Outdoor selection committee were Miguel Hernandez, Leslie Menagh, and Jon Lockyer from the community at large, and Su Ditta and Julia Kady Denton from the City’s Arts and Culture Advisory Committee.

The committee selected artworks by artists,

  • Casandra Lee
  • John Climenhage
  • Brooklin Holbrough
  • Jeffrey Macklin

The artworks will be installed this winter and displayed at City Hall, Kinsmen Civic Centre, Healthy Planet Arena, and the Peterborough Sport and Wellness Centre for a term of one year to eighteen months. The artworks will rotate between sites at the end of each term. The indoor artworks will be mounted in the main foyers of each facility and be among the first things visitors will see. 

Artwork by Casandra Lee selected for Indoor public art project   Artwork by John Climenhage selected for Indoor public art project

Artwork by Brooklin Holbrough  selected for Indoor public art project    Artwork by Jeffrey Macklin selected for Indoor public art project