Annual spring street maintenance underway

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Peterborough, ON - The City of Peterborough has started its annual spring street maintenance program of street sweeping and pothole treatment.

Pothole patching

City of Peterborough Public Works crews are currently performing pothole patching throughout the City. Potholes frequently happen in the spring when water gets below the surface of the road through cracks in the pavement. Water expands when it freezes, increasing the size of the crack, and repeated freeze/thaw cycles as weather changes weakens the pavement. Traffic on weakened areas can cause the surface of the road to deteriorate, causing potholes.

Motorists, are asked to use caution and reduce speed when approaching road maintenance crews, leaving a safe distance for crews to complete their work.

City of Peterborough Public Works staff regularly patrol the City’s approximately 958 lane kilometres of streets and address deficiencies on the road surfaces year-round as conditions permit according to the Provincial Maintenance Standards. Additionally, residents can report potholes the need attention using the online form at

Street Sweeping

The street sweeping program protects the environment by removing pollutants from road surfaces and reducing urban runoff through the storm water system to downstream water bodies. Street sweeping also improves the cleanliness and aesthetics of City streets and parking lots by removing residual salt and sand used during winter operations.

City street sweepers will clean all 958 lane kilometres of roadway as well as all City-owned sidewalks, trails, and parking lots between March and May, once temperatures are continuously above freezing. Many areas receive a secondary sweep as required based on the amount of residue on the surface. The work typically takes 7 weeks to complete, depending on weather conditions.

Each year, crews start street sweeping at a different area of the City. This year operations will start in the City’s east end, followed by the north and west ends and finishing in the south end.

Residents are asked to keep streets clear to improve the overall effectiveness of the street sweeping program. By removing sports nets, placing garbage and recycling containers on the lawn or driveway and not parking on the street, residents can ensure sweeping equipment can reach the full street surface.

When approaching street sweeping vehicles, please proceed with caution and allow for plenty of room for safe operations.