Swimming Lessons

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Learn to swim at any age

The Centre offers Lifesaving Society programming including Swim for Life, Swim Patrol, Aquatic Leadership courses, and Adult and Fitness Swimmer programs. 

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Swim for Life®

This complete learn-to-swim program for all ages and abilities teaches the important skills needed to be safe around water while having fun and developing strokes.
 Parent & Tot Program
Spend quality time with your child while you both have fun and socialize. Through structured in-water interaction between parent and child, the importance of play in developing water-positive attitudes and skills is stressed. Levels are age-based:
  • Parent and Tot 1: ages 4 to 12 months
  • Parent and Tot 2: ages 12 to 24 months
  • Parent and Tot 3: ages 2 to 3 years 
 Preschool Program

This program consists of 5 levels from Preschool A to E that help children develop an appreciation and healthy respect for the water using play and skill building. Each level includes basic aquatic progressions that incorporate Water Smart® education to ensure 3 to 5 year olds become comfortable in the water while having fun.

 Swimmer Program
This 6 level program for children age 5 and older includes progressions from complete beginners to swimmers who want to build on their current skills. We stress lots of in-water practice to develop solid swimming strokes and skills.
 Swim Patrol
This 3 level program provides enriched training for those who want to develop swim strokes and skills while having fun in the challenging world of lifesaving. Swim patrol develops swimming strength and efficiency with emphasis on Water Smart® behavior.
 Specialty Lessons

Adaptive Lessons
Adaptive lessons provide the opportunity for swimmers of all abilities to be water-safe and water confident. Participants are paired with instructors according to their abilities. 
Trio Lessons 
Available for Preschool & Swimmer levels (age 3+) trio lessons offer a smaller ratio of 3 students to one instructor and are ideal for swimmers who may have repeated a level several times. Participants will be paired with other swimmers of similar ability. 
Private Lessons 
Available for Preschool & Swimmer levels (age 3+) private lessons offer one-on-one instruction and are ideal for swimmers who may have repeated a level several times, and provide an opportunity to work on specific skills required to progress to the next level.
Beginner Swimmer (Adults and Teens)

Designed for individuals of all swimming abilities, participants are divided into groups based on swimming comfort and skill. Instructors work with each group to achieve desired goals such as learning to swim, improving strokes, and increasing efficiency so that participants are more comfortable and confident in the water.

Teen: Ages 12 to 16

Adult: Ages 16+

Fitness Swimmer
Swim to get fit. This program is recommended for those who want to challenge themselves in a non-competitive setting while developing stroke efficiency, strength, and endurance through personal goal setting including endurance challenges, sprints, and object support. 
Family Swim to Survive 

This free program is designed to create a comfortable learning environment for families who may have no experience with survival swimming and water safety. This program teaches families (ages 6+) the skills needed to survive an unexpected fall into deep water. 


How do I determine which level my child is suited for?

Swim for Life lessons focus on a combination of age and ability. Use this chart to determine which level may be the best fit. If you did not participate in lessons in a previous session, we recommend receiving an assessment or registering in the level that was previously taken. Please call the Centre to schedule your free assessment.

Age: 3 months to 3 years 

Current ability: Is ready to explore the water with a parent while learning fun games and songs.

Choose: Parent & Tot  

Age: 3 to 5 years 

Current ability: Is just starting out and ready to learn to enjoy the water without a parent. 

Choose: Preschool A 

Current ability: Can submerge face and blow bubbles. Float and glide on front and back (assisted).

Choose: Preschool B 

Current ability: Can jump into chest-deep water and submerge, perform front/back floats, glides, and kicking with an aid. 

Choose: Preschool C 

Current ability: Can jump into deep water wearing a PFD, hold breath underwater, and perform front and back floats, glides, and kicking (unassisted). 

Choose: Preschool D 

Current ability: Can jump into deep water, tread water for 10s wearing a PFD, perform front, back, and side flutter kick, and swim front crawl wearing a PFD.

Choose: Preschool E 

Age: 5 to 12 years

Current ability: Is new to swimming lessons. This level will teach them the fundamentals of swimming.

Choose: Swimmer 1

Current ability: Can submerge, perform front and back floats, glides and kicking, as well as swim front crawl for 5m in a PFD.

Choose: Swimmer 2

Current ability: Can tread water for 15s, perform front, back and side flutter kick, whip kick in the vertical position, swim front and back crawl for 10m each, and swim 4 x 5m flutter kick interval training.

Choose: Swimmer 3

Current ability: Can tread water for 30s, perform front, back, and side flutter kick, whip kick on back, swim front and back crawl for 15m, and swim 4 x 15m flutter kick interval training.

Choose: Swimmer 4

Current ability: Has completed the Canadian Swim to Survive standard (roll into deep water, tread 1 min, swim 50m), whip kick on front, breaststroke arms, front and back crawl for 25m, and can swim 4 x 25m front or back crawl interval training.

Choose: Swimmer 5

Current ability: Can perform eggbeater kick, front and back crawl for 50m, breaststroke for 25m, and two interval training workouts: 4 x 50m front or back crawl, and 4 x 15m breaststroke.

Choose: Swimmer 6 

Age: 8 to 13 years 

Current ability: Can perform a head-up swim for 25m, breaststroke for 50m, front crawl and back crawl for 100m, breaststroke for 50m, and a 300m workout.  

Choose: Rookie Patrol 

Current ability: Can perform a 350m workout, 100m timed swim, front crawl, back crawl, and breaststroke for 50m, as well as lifesaving sport and first aid skills.

Choose: Ranger Patrol

Current ability: Can swim front crawl, back crawl and breaststroke for 75m, and can perform lifesaving sport and first aid skills. 

Choose: Star Patrol