Outdoor Sports Facilities - Safety Plan Guidelines

children playing on splashpad

Step Three Guidelines:

  1. Hand sanitization upon entry of the facility is highly recommended.
  2. Masks or face coverings are highly recommended on paths leading to parking lots, fields and other park amenities.
  3. It is highly recommended that team sports be modified to reduce or limit the amount of personal contact.
  4. When entering the indoor area of the facility, face coverings must be worn and physical distancing of at least two metres must be maintained. Capacity must not exceed 50% occupancy.
  5. A maximum of six spectators per athlete are permitted to enter the facility. Spectators must maintain two metres physical distance from each other unless they are from the same household.
  6. Players, coaches and spectators are permitted to enter the facility no earlier than 10 minutes prior to their start time and must exit within 10 minutes of their end time. Congregating in the parking lot will not be permitted.
  7. It is highly recommended that participants of fitness and exercise classes maintain a physical distance at least two metres from any other person who is using the facility.
  8. All coaches, trainers or volunteers must maintain two metres distance from any other person including a player. If at any time physical distancing of two metres cannot be maintained coaches, trainers and volunteers are required to wear appropriate PPE (medical grade mask approved by Health Canada and eye protection).
  9. The renter of the facility must upon entry to the facility record the name and contact information of every member of the public and maintain the records for a period of at least one month. This includes coaches, athletes, and spectators from both the home and visiting team.
  10. The renter of the facility must ensure that all individuals (coaches, trainers, players and volunteers) are actively screened before they enter the facility, including the visiting team.  Coaches, trainers and volunteers must use the worker screening tool.  Athletes and spectators must use the patron screening tool.

 City of Peterborough Requirements:

  1. Post Facility Safety Plan signage
  2. Post screening signage at the entrance of each facility
  3. Post physical distancing signage along narrow pathways and throughout the facility.
  4. Post capacity limit signage
  5. Continuously observe players and spectators to ensure they are following restrictions and create further guidelines (such as markings on bleachers) if they are not being followed.