Outdoor Skating

Families having fun at a public skate

Skating on the Canal

During winter months, the City of Peterborough maintains the ice surface on the canal below the Peterborough Lift Lock as weather conditions allow. A safety flag identifies if ice conditions are safe:

  • A green flag indicates skating is permitted.
  • A red flag indicates skating is not permitted.

Visit our Outdoor Skating - what's open or closed page for updates and public health guidelines.

Quaker Foods City Square

The outdoor skating rink at Quaker Foods City Square is now closed for the season. 

During the winter months, this park turns into an outdoor skating rink for community use. Operational dates are weather dependent. Washroom use is available at the Peterborough Public Library, please visit their website for hours of operation. This location is perfect year round for large community and public events! Learn more about how to permit this space on the Events page.

Parking: Parking is available at the King Street parking garage, and along Charlotte and King streets.

Rink Maintenance: The City of Peterborough may close the rink for safety reasons at any time or for periodic maintenance. During all ice maintenance, please stay back and do not enter onto the ice surface. 

Skating Rink Rules
  • Designated skating hours are 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily, excluding holidays. Use of the rink outside of designated hours is prohibited.
  • CSA approved helmets are required for children 6 years and under, and strongly recommended for all skaters.
  • Children 10 years and under must be actively supervised by a responsible person 16 years or older.
  • Skates must be worn at all times, no footwear other than skates is permitted on the ice.
  • Skate in a constant flow and in the direction of all skaters.
  • No carrying of babies or children while skating.
  • No headsets, cell phones or hand held electronic devices to be used while skating.
  • Mobility Aids, sledge devices and approved skating aids are permitted. Please communicate with staff if assistance is required.
  • Horse play, speed and figure skating, organized hockey or use of sticks/pucks is not permitted.
  • No food or drink permitted on the ice surface.
  • No pets, chairs, strollers, or sporting equipment on the ice surface.
  • Smoking/vaping, and use of alcohol or drugs is prohibited on City property.
  • Selling or distributing products or services anywhere in the park, unless authorized by the City is not permitted.
  • The City of Peterborough may close the rink for safety reasons at any time including periodic maintenance.
  • Stay back and do not enter the skating surface during ice resurfacing and/or maintenance.
  • Report all accidents, injuries, misconduct, and foul-language to on duty City staff immediately.
  • Use the rink at your own risk. The City of Peterborough is not responsible for any injuries, deaths, damages, or loss of property.

Please enjoy safely. Non-compliance may result in removal and/or disciplinary action against the person(s) responsible.


Visit the Events Calendar to view upcoming events at this location.

Neighbourhood Rinks

The neighbourhood rink program has run in City parks since 1965, thanks to volunteers who prepare, flood and maintain ice for skating. Rinks are open from 7 a.m. to dusk (or 10 p.m. with approved lighting) as weather and ice conditions permit and are subject to public health measures.

As neighbourhood rinks are maintained by volunteers, their start dates and operational times will vary. 

Starting a neighbourhood rink

Neighbourhood rinks are run by volunteers with donated supplies. If you would like to start a rink in your neighbourhood, consider the following:

  • Is the land flat enough to support a rink?
  • Is there water access? Rinks can be placed in parks without water access if volunteers are willing to use their own water supply from their homes.
  • Do you have support? Rinks need continuous upkeep and maintenance, which is best done by a team of volunteers.
  • Do you have the necessary supplies? Supplies, such as rink boards and tarps are usually donated by neighbours who will be using the rink.

The deadline to request a new rink location is October 1 annually.

If you would like to start a rink in your neighbourhood, complete the Neighbourhood Rink Application. Your request will be reviewed by Public Works and Recreation Services Division staff to determine if the location can support a neighbourhood rink.

Thank you to all volunteers who make the neighbourhood rinks a success.

All volunteers who work on neighbourhood rinks must complete the below form annually.

Neighbourhood Rink Application 

Neighbourhood rink locations

As the rinks are maintained by volunteers, the status of each rink is unknown. 

  • Brinton Carpet Park - Lock St. and Braidwood Ave.
  • Dixon - 120 Benson Ave.
  • Farmcrest - Ashburnham Drive across from Ecology Park
  • Grove Park - 714 Barbara Cres.
  • Hastings - 690 Hastings Ave.
  • King Edward - 455 George St. S
  • Kiwanis - 234 Middlefield Rd.
  • Mapleridge Park - 1929 Mapleridge Dr.
  • Nicholls Place - 725 Armour Rd.
  • Roper - 1610 Firwood Cr.
  • Stenson Park - Stenson Blvd.
  • Turner Park - High St. and Chamberlain St.

Indoor Skating

The City of Peterborough offers a number of registered skating programs, as well as public skates. Visit the Community Arenas page for more information.