Skating and Hockey

Kids playing ball hockey

The City of Peterborough offers registered skating programs and drop in skating programs at our arenas and community centres.

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Community rinks

Let us know if you are interested in volunteering at your community rink 705-742-7777 ext. 2900 or by email. 

Registered programs 

Adult Learn to Skate

Never had the opportunity to learn to skate as a child or have been off the ice for so long that you forgot how? This program is designed for beginners who are 18+ years of age and have never skated before or are looking to improve their basic skating skills. This program will cover many skills like, forwards and backwards skating, stopping, proper skating technique, basic turns and edges. Every skater is required to wear skates and a CSA approved helmet. Other padding (elbows and knee pads) are at your own discretion. 

Learn to Skate 

The Learn to skate program is for 6 to 9 year olds and is offered by certified skating instructor, Jodi Landriault. The instructor will work closely with a small class size to emphasize the basic skating instruction.They will use the entire rink to help increase their confidence, skills and interest in skating. Children are required to wear a CSA approved helmet, warm clothing and mittens.

Northcrest Skating School

Northcrest Skating School is for new skater's ages 4 to 10 that's offered in the fall and winter only. 

Parent & Tot Skating Lessons

Parent & Tot Skating lessons are for new skaters ages 2 to 3 that's offered in fall and winter only. Parents need to be on the ice with their children and everyone must wear a CSA approved helmet.


After registering please review the information letter and complete your waiver.

Power Skating Instruction

Cancelled until further notice due to Covid 19. Power Skating Instruction is for kids that have a minimum of 2 years skating and hockey experience. The program is not intended for beginners. 

Adult Recreational Hockey League

Adult Recreational Hockey League is for people ages 18 and older. This is a recreational hockey league offered in fall.

Lorne Eakins Hockey School

Lorne Eakins Hockey School is for new hockey players ages 5 to 11 that's offered in fall only. 

Youth Ball Hockey League

Youth Ball Hockey League is recreational for youth 8 to 13 offered in spring only. Contact us if you'd like to volunteer as a coach.

Drop in programs

Public skating

To view the Public skating schedule please see our calendar.

Price is $4 per skater.

Please note that:

  • It's open to the public
  • It's for people of all ages
  • We recommend using CSA approved helmets
  • Approved skating assistant items are allowed
  • Hockey sticks and nets are prohibited
  • Skates required

Senior skating

To view the Senior skating schedule please see our calendar.

Price is $3 per skater.

Please note that:

  • It's open to people who are 55+
  • CSA approved helmets are recommended
  • Approved skating assistant items are allowed
  • Skates required

Adult pay-as-you-play hockey

To view the Adult pay-as-you-play hockey schedule please see our calendar.

Price is $7 per skater.

Please note that:

  • It's open to the public
  • It's for people who are at least 18 years old
  • Two hockey nets are provided
  • CSA approved helmets required
  • Hockey equipment required 
  • Skates required
  • Non-instructional