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The Centre can be accessed through membership, registered programs and daily drop-in fees. 

Drop-in Rates

Centre Day Pass

A day pass to the Sport and Wellness Centre will give you access to the fitness centre, aquatic centre, gymnasium, change rooms, drop-in programs, and fitness classes for the entire day. You may enter and exit the facility throughout the day with this pass.

  • $15 per person
Child and Youth

Family Gym and Play Group is $6.00 per family.

Child Minding Rate

Family, One Adult Family membership


Child membership


All other memberships

$7 per visit


$9 per visit

Monthly unlimited pass for members


Fitness Classes

Over 80 fitness classes are offered each week and are included in membership. You can register for the session, or drop-in by paying the Centre day pass fee of $15.00

Fitness: Land and Aqua schedule

Gymnasium Drop-in

All gymnasium drop-in activities are included with Fleming Student and Wellness Centre memberships. 


Gym Drop-in

$4.00 per visit             

Pickleball Play Pass   

$75.00 for 25 visits

Ultimate Water Sports

$5.00 per visit

 Drop-in Sport schedule



Public swimming rates
Swim Pass Rate
Members Included
Individuals $5 
Group Swim: up to 5 swimmers $15
Nursery Swim: 1 adult and 1 toddler $5
Multi-Pass: 5 swims $25
Multi-Pass: 10 swims $50                                                

The above rates include HST

 Swimming schedule


Membership Rates

Learn the benefits of membership.

Single Memberships (age 15+)
Couples residing in the same household purchasing an Adult, Silver or Gold membership will receive 10% off each membership rate.
Membership Type  One Year Up Front  Monthly Auto-Withdrawal

Student (age 15 - 24 with ID)  

$315.00 $26.25

Young Adult (age 18 - 24)

$450.00 $37.50

Adult (age 25 - 54)

$570.00 $47.50

Adult Silver (age 55 - 74)

$540.00 $45.00

Adult Gold (age 75 - 84)

$450.00 $37.50

Adult Platinum (age 85+)

FREE Not Applicable 
Family and One-Adult Family Memberships

A great way to get your entire family active, with discounts available to make membership affordable. Family Memberships also include:

  • Discounts on day camps and swim lessons
  • Early, online registration
  • Free child minding, swimming, drop-in gymnasium and kids recreational programs
Membership Type  One Year Up Front Monthly Auto-Withdrawal

(2 adults + dependents*)



One-Adult Family
(1 adult + dependents*)

$945.00 $78.75

*Dependents are defined as under the age of 22 residing in the same household as the adult

 Child Memberships (age 3 - 14)

Child memberships provide early registration and access to a variety of programming, including:

  • Fun Swims
  • Drop-in gymnasium activities
  • Kids recreational programs
Membership Type  One Year Up Front Monthly Auto-Withdrawal

Child (age 3 - 14)



Please note that membership rates are subject to change. Prices do not include HST. Monthly plans require a void cheque or PAP form at time of sign-up.

Members under 18 require a parent/guardian to initial and sign the membership contract. 

Discount Opportunities

The Centre offers many discount opportunities to make membership affordable. Learn about our discounts:

Couples Discount

Couples save 10% 

Couples residing in the same household purchasing an Adult, Silver or Gold membership will receive 10% off each membership rate. To receive this discount, come to the Centre together to complete your membership contracts. 

Group Memberships 
Form a group of 10 or more friends, family, neighbours or co-workers in any combination and save 10 - 20% off your membership. All membership options included! Combine adult memberships with family memberships in this great deal. To form or join an existing group, please contact the Customer & Member Services Coordinator.
Membership Subsidy
The Centre offers subsidized memberships for both single adults and families. For more information on rates, eligibility and an online application, visit our Centre Subsidies page. 

Personal Training

Personal Training Rates

Learn the benefits of personal training.


Number of sessionsRate

6 sessions

$165 Member

$190 Non-Member

12 sessions

$315 Member

$350 Non-Member

18 sessions

$415 Member

$490 Non-Member

24 sessions

$515 Member

$605 Non-Member

36 sessions

$675 Member

$810 Non-Member


Registered Programs

Registered programs include swimming lessons, specialty fitness, child and youth programs and day camps, and so much more. To learn about these programs and prices, please visit our registration website:

View Programs


Learn more about our facility rentals.