Personal Training

woman exercising with personal trainer

Take your fitness to the next level with a personalized program just for you.

Our certified personal trainers can:

  • Design individualized programs for you
  • Help motivate you and maximize your time
  • Provide techniques and nutritional information
  • Help you reach or maintain a healthy body weight
  • Help you increase muscular strength and endurance
  • Help you increase energy and stamina
  • Help you reduce stress and anxiety
  • Teach you safe and proper exercise techniques

“A recent study suggests that exercising with a trainer can improve your strength up to 45 percent more than exercising without supervision, and can help you achieve your goal up to 30 percent faster.” ~ American College of Sports Medicine

Number of sessionsRate

6 sessions


12 sessions


18 sessions


24 sessions


36 sessions


Fitness consultation and orientation
Make an appointment with one of our certified personal trainers for a fitness consultation or orientation to the fitness centre. Your trainer will show you how to use the cardio and weight equipment in a safe, balanced, and effective way. Let us help you reach your goals. This a complimentary one-time service. 

New Member Special 

For new members, choose 3 one hour sessions or 6 half hour sessions and commit to getting fit today. This one-time special is only $125, a 50% discount off of our training packages!

Youth Get Started program
If you are 12 to 14 years old this program is for you. Completing this program gives you access to the fitness centre. Have one our certified personal trainers cover the basics of gym etiquette and show you how to use the equipment in a safe and effective way. The trainer will also develop an individual program for you based on your needs and goals.

Cost: $35

Specialized personal training
We can come to you. Ask us about team training, aquatic training, or workplace wellness and how we can meet your fitness needs or the needs of your group.

Cost: please inquire