Map of downtown parking locations

With the temporary changes to downtown public space to support physical distancing and business activity this year, parking is being maintained throughout the downtown.

There is plenty of on-street parking, parking in parking garages, and spaces in surface parking lots. There are approximately 1,490 publicly available parking spaces in parking lots, garages, as well as on-street in the downtown area. Other private parking options are also available to serve downtown customers.

Parking map

On George and Water streets, expanded patio space is created in on-street parking next to participating businesses, leaving the remaining on-street parking on George and Water streets for visitors.

For more information on City parking facilities, including parking rates and passes, visit


Getting around the downtown on bike is encouraged with cycling lanes on George and Water street, which are maintained in their normal spaces through the temporary downtown public space changes.

On the sections of Hunter and Charlotte streets between Aylmer and George that are temporarily changed to one-way, one lane streets, cyclists and motorists share the lane. Slow down. Respect other users of the spaces. Be safe and enjoy our downtown.