Junior Summer Discovery


Welcome to Junior Summer Discovery 2020 at the Peterborough Museum and Archives! We are excited to be entering into our 33rd season of providing rich, diverse, fun and educational summer camps for children. 

chidl on pathAges

Our Junior Summer Discovery camps are for children ages 4 to 6. Participants must be toilet trained.

If you are looking for programs for older children check out our Summer Discovery camps for children ages 7 to 11 or our Wildcard Wednesday camps for children ages 8 to 12.

2020 camp themes

July 6 to 10: Time Travelers

Let's do the time warp today! Join us for a week of time travel adventure as we explore the decades through music, art, play and more in this history themed camp!  


  • Monday morning: 13849
  • Monday afternoon: 13850
  • Tuesday morning: 13852
  • Tuesday afternoon: 13853
  • Wednesday morning: 13854
  • Wednesday afternoon: 13855
  • Thursday morning: 13856
  • Thursday afternoon: 13857
  • Friday morning: 13858
  • Friday afternoon: 13859

July 13 to 17: Healthy Planet, Healthy You

Have you ever thought about our planet's health just like your own? This is an important week of discovering how to take care of ourselves and our environment. Through physical and mental health, conservation and sustainability, we will discover how we are all connected to each other and our planet.


  • Monday morning: 13861
  • Monday afternoon: 13862
  • Tuesday morning: 13863
  • Tuesday afternoon: 13864
  • Wednesday morning: 13865
  • Wednesday afternoon: 13866
  • Thursday morning: 13867
  • Thursday afternoon: 13868
  • Friday morning: 13869
  • Friday afternoon: 13870

July 20 to 24: Can You Build It?

Calling all builders! Get ready to put your creativity to the test, as we build bridges, skyscrapers, and more in this week of engineering fun. We will experiment with different materials including Lego, blocks and recyclables and test the strength of our creations in fun challenges.


  • Monday morning: 13871
  • Monday afternoon: 13872
  • Tuesday morning: 13873
  • Tuesday afternoon: 13874
  • Wednesday morning: 13876
  • Wednesday afternoon: 13877
  • Thursday morning: 13878
  • Thursday afternoon: 13879
  • Friday morning: 13880
  • Friday afternoon: 13881

July 27 to 31: Space Exploration

From earth to the far reaches of our solar system, this camp is all about exploring the limitless potential of space! This camp will be a fantastic week of experiments as we explore the mysteries of the universe. 


  • Monday morning: 13882
  • Monday afternoon: 13883
  • Tuesday morning: 13884
  • Tuesday afternoon: 13885
  • Wednesday morning: 13886
  • Wednesday afternoon: 13887
  • Thursday morning: 13888
  • Thursday afternoon: 13889
  • Friday morning: 13891
  • Friday afternoon: 13892

August 4 to 7: Castles and Dragons (4-day week)

En garde! A Medieval World of fantasy awaits you as we learn about fun mythical creatures such as fairies, unicorns, dragons and more. From building castles, to learning about knights and princesses to creating fairy homes, this week is full of imaginative adventure for your little one! 


  • Tuesday morning: 13893
  • Tuesday afternoon: 13894 
  • Wednesday morning: 13895
  • Wednesday afternoon: 13896
  • Thursday morning: 13897
  • Thursday afternoon: 13898
  • Friday morning: 13899
  • Friday afternoon: 13900

August 10 to 14: Imaginarium

Could you imagine a goat, rowing a boat, or a bear combing her hair? There are no limits to your imagination! A playful week of art and activities focusing on creativity, risk-taking, and letting your best and brightest dreams shine through!


  • Monday morning: 13901
  • Monday afternoon: 13902
  • Tuesday morning: 13903
  • Tuesday afternoon: 13904
  • Wednesday morning: 13905
  • Wednesday afternoon: 13906
  • Thursday morning: 13908
  • Thursday afternoon: 13909
  • Friday morning: 13910
  • Friday afternoon: 13911

August 17 to 21: Mad Scientists Lab

Let's explore the fascinating world of science as we observe, hypothesize and conduct experiments to understand the world around us!


  • Monday morning: 13912
  • Monday afternoon: 13913
  • Tuesday morning: 13914
  • Tuesday afternoon: 13915
  • Wednesday morning: 13916
  • Wednesday afternoon: 13917
  • Thursday morning: 13918
  • Thursday afternoon: 13919
  • Friday morning: 13921
  • Friday afternoon: 13922

Fridays in Junior Summer Discovery

On Friday afternoons, we enjoy water activities. If you register for a Friday afternoon session, please bring a swimsuit, towel, and prepare to get wet!

Online registration

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Camp details


Drop off and pick up will be located within the Fleming Annex, just north of the main Museum building. 

  • Morning program: 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.
  • Afternoon program: 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.
  • All day program (morning and afternoon): 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Note that there is a supervised lunch break for full-day campers from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m.

  • Early bird program (optional): 8 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. at a cost of $5.00 per day. Please note that this is only for children in a camp program at the Peterborough Museum and Archives.


  • $22.50 per half day registration
  • $45 per full day registration
  • Early bird program: $5 daily fee, or $25 per week (optional)


Junior Summer Discovery is primarily located in the large, air-conditioned, barrier-free Fine Annex on our grounds. Activities associated with our camp may also take place in the beautiful Heritage Pavilion, the galleries and on our child-friendly grounds, including our accessible playground structure.


  • In person at the Peterborough Museum and Archives
  • By telephone (Visa, Mastercard, American Express): 705-743-5180
  • Online: with our PerfectMind program registration system, you can now create your own account and register for camps from the comfort of home. To navigate the system quickly, be sure to search using the course codes provided in the camp descriptions.

What to bring

Please ensure your children come to camp prepared with snacks, drinks, water bottle, a lunch if staying all day, and weather-appropriate clothing. We promote a nut-free environment.

If you are registered for a Friday afternoon program, please bring a bathing suit and towel to participate in water-themed activities!

Personal health form

Each child attending camp must complete and submit a Camper Health and Information Form. We keep this form on file and you only need to complete it once a year. Be sure to submit your health form on or before the first day of camp.

Health concerns

Please notify the instructor about any health or behavioural concerns you may have regarding your child's participation in Junior Summer Discovery. The museum has a protocol for anaphylactic shock and a parental clearance form is required if your child has suffered a suspected concussion.


In the course of all program activities, we may take photos and audio and/or visual recordings. We reserve the right to use all photographs and videos of our programs, participants, special events and facilities for promotional purposes.


Prior to June 15 of each year, City of Peterborough summer camp refund requests are accepted prior to camp start dates and are charged an administration levy of 10% of program fee, or $5 minimum. Refunds are not provided once the program starts unless accompanied by a medical note approved by the program supervisor or Manager designate. Front line teams will refer the request to the program supervisor for approval, and will take no action within the event roster or client account.

After June 15, refund requests will be accepted up to 14 calendar days prior to the camp start date and are subject to a 25% administration fee for each occurrence or event registration as applicable. Refunds will not be provided if the request is received less then 14 calendar days prior to camp start date. If the refund request does not meet the required timeline, no refund will be provided (unless the request is accompanied by medical documentation, in which case a 10% administration fee, or $5 minimum will be applied).

About our camp instructors

Kaitlyn Burke is returning to the Discovery camps this year, but is switching gears - now leading our Junior  campers for the first time! Kaitlyn is an Ontario Certified Teacher, and is passionate about inquiry learning. She believes in creating deep and meaningful learning experiences by giving children the opportunity to explore, discover, experiment and have fun with each learning task. Kaitlyn has worked and volunteered for a variety of camps and youth minding services in the past, and is excited to be instructing our Junior Summer Discovery camp in 2020!