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Flora of the Canadian Arctic

on exhibition until March 28, 2021

The arctic is a beautiful but harsh environment. Yet, a surprising variety of plant life grows there.

Through large scans of selected specimens, visitors will see an impressive array of these delicate northern flora.

Half of the displayed specimens were collected over 100 years ago (1913 - 1916) by members of the ambitious Canadian Arctic Expedition group. The others were collected on a more recent trip by scientists from the Canadian Museum of Nature.

Botanical specimens collected in the field become part of the National Herbarium of Canada at the Canadian Museum of Nature. They are mounted onto a sheet that is labelled with the species name and information about where and when the specimen was collected. These data are also recorded in an electronic database. As the collection grows, so too does the body of knowledge about plant life and its distribution. Historical information – like that brought back by the Canadian Arctic Expedition of 1913 - 1916 – can be compared against modern data, giving us a valuable tool for monitoring change in Canada's Arctic. 

"Nature is not only an aesthetic experience, but also full of knowledge. The more we know, the more the individual plants and organisms tell us about the soil, forest structure, and the climate." - Anna Liisa Ylisirniö

The travelling exhibition was developed by the Canadian Museum of Nature