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Archival image of Enigma Cipher Machine

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Cipher | Decipher

July 6 through September 27, 2020

Pssst...want to know a secret?

One way to safely share secret information is through encryption - which means converting your message into something only the intended recipient can understand. For as long as we've had secret information, individuals and organizations have encrypted and analyzed encrypted communications. One way people can encrypt their secrets is through ciphers that replace the original message with other letters, numbers, words, or symbols. From schoolyard gossip to military plans, ciphers keep secrets out of the wrong hands.

Cipher | Decipher is an interactive, new exhibition exploring the past and present of communications cryptology - what it is, how it works, and how it affects our lives. See an authentic Enigma cipher machine and learn how it works, understand how to encrypt and decrypt secret messages, or try some logic puzzles and games to see if you have what it takes to work in the field of cryptology!

Please note that Cipher | Decipher is a highly interactive exhibition. Cleaning of all high-touch areas is done between each group of visitors. However, we ask that those engaging with the interactives please sanitize their hands before and after visiting this exhibition. 

If you are looking for an added challenge during your visit of this exhibit, download the Actionbound app onto your smart device, and scan the QR code to participate in an interactive scavenger hunt!Download the Actionbound app onto your smart device, and scan the Cipher Decipher QR Code to begin

Developed by the Canada Science and Technology Museum, in partnership with the Communications Security Establishment.