Facility Rental Insurance Requirements

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Insurance is mandatory for all rentals that take place in municipally operated or permitted facilities. Insurance provides protection against third party liability claims resulting from an injury to a third party and/or damage to their property. The City of Peterborough does not provide insurance coverage for your event.

Insurance requirements will be determined by the City based on the information provided in the facility rental application. 

There are two ways to provide a Certificate of Insurance to the City of Peterborough:

1) Insurance Program - Instant Risk Coverage 

Facility renters have the opportunity to apply for coverage through Instant Risk, a third-party online insurance portal in which facility users can purchase coverage. If you choose to obtain insurance and your event can be covered through Instant Risk, a copy of your Certificate of Insurance will be automatically emailed to the City when your payment through the Instant Risk portal is complete.

  • How to apply: Visit the Instant Risk online portal: https://peterborough.instantriskcoverage.com/login
  • When to apply: Applications through the Instant Risk online portal must include the Facility Agreement number. You will receive this number after your event is confirmed through receipt of a facility agreement. The number can be found at the top of this agreement. Please do not apply for insurance until your date has been confirmed by the City.
  • Questions: Questions regarding the Instant Risk program must be directed to the IRC staff team. You can reach out by accessing the live chat function within the IRC portal, emailing support@instantriskcoverage.com, or calling 1-800-517-1390. You can also check out the Help Document for frequently asked questions.

Please note that this program may not be able to extend insurance in every circumstance. Misrepresentation of activities may void any insurance provided.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Expand the below sections that may apply to your event or rental. You can also check out the Help Document for frequently asked questions.

What is Instant Risk?
Instant Risk is an insurance option which may be available for your event. Sometimes, existing insurance coverage may fall short, or not be accepted by the City. If this occurs, Instant Risk may be an option. If you choose to purchase insurance through the Instant Risk portal, a Certificate of Insurance will automatically be provided to the City of Peterborough once the application and payment are complete. Please do not apply for the coverage until you have received your Facility Agreement Number.
Why do I need a Facility Agreement to apply?

It is recommended that you already have an approved date and time for your event, shared with you through a facility agreement.

You can review your insurance options and potential quotes through the Instant Risk portal before your dates are confirmed. However, if you choose to purchase insurance before receiving a facility agreement, and are later informed that your event is not confirmed, you will not receive a refund for your purchased insurance.

Seasonal Rentals and Leagues

I belong to a National or Provincial Sports Association. Do I already have liability insurance coverage?

You may or may not, ask the insurance broker who provides coverage for your association. If you are covered, they should be able to complete the required Certificate of Insurance form showing the City as an “Additional Insured”. The majority of large Provincial or National organizations have the proper coverage in place. However, when their coverage falls short, Instant Risk may be an option.

Can I apply for coverage for my entire season of rentals?

Yes, you can apply for an entire season of coverage. Be sure to select the season option, and select the first date and time of your first rental on your facility agreement, and the last date and time on your facility rental agreement. All dates within this timeframe will be covered.

Can I apply for multiple locations of coverage within the City of Peterborough? 

If you rent a number of similar facilities, such as all ice pads, you can select "all municipal ice pads" through the Instant Risk portal. By selecting this option, it is less likely that your Certificate of Insurance will need updating if there are adjustments to your facility agreement at a later date. 

My event includes Vendors
If your event includes vendors, be sure to select the option that indicates vendors in the drop down of event options to receive proper coverage. If you do not see an event description that properly matches your event, please contact Instant Risk directly at 1-800-517-1390.
My event includes a BBQ
If your event includes a BBQ, be sure to select the option that indicates a BBQ in the drop down of event options to receive proper coverage.
I can't find an insurance coverage option that matches my event
Instant Risk staff are available to provide you support and walk you through your insurance purchase. You can reach out by accessing the live chat function within the IRC portal, emailing support@instantriskcoverage.com, or calling 1-800-517-1390.

2) Third Party Coverage - Insurance company of your choosing 

Event organizers can provide a Certificate of Insurance through a company of their own choosing. If you select this option, a copy of the Certificate of Insurance must be provided to the City for review and approval at least 30 days prior to your event date.

Please advise your insurance provider of the following requirements. Failure to include this information on your Certificate of Insurance will result in a request for a revised certificate. This can result in delays in your approval and the possible cancellation of your event, or an activity associated with the event:

  • Name and address of the insurance broker providing the Certificate of Insurance
  • Policy Number
  • Term of Policy
  • Type of Policy: General Liability Policy
  • Limit of Policy: $2 or $5 million per occurrence (to be determined by the City of Peterborough)
  • Name Insured (the 'Named Insured' on the certificate must be the same as the organization or the individual that is listed on the Facility Agreement)
  • Address of Insured
  • Corporation of the City of Peterborough is added as an 'Additional Insured'
  • Events that include alcohol must reference Host Liquor Liability coverage
  • Specific description and location of event, and the specific activity of the named insured for which the certificate is issued (i.e. festival or event and specific operation or activity taking place, such as carnival rides, bouncy castle, fireworks display, animals, etc.)
  • Dates and times of Event (include set up and take down dates)
  • Signature of insurance provider or broker (certificates are signed)
  • 30 days notice of cancellation must be provided on the certificate listing: The Corporation of the City of Peterborough, 500 George Street North, Peterborough, Ontario, K9H 3R9
  • A cross liability or severability of interest cause
  • Insurers must be licensed to transact business in Ontario
  • If the event includes transportation of participants or equipment, the City will require confirmation of Automobile Insurance with a minimum of $2 million per occurrence. Any other means of transportation used for an event must also provide proof of insurance (i.e. aircraft, watercraft, etc.).