To support local businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic, we're providing 15-minute-free curbside pickup zones in the downtown.

Signs are installed to designate areas as a “15-minute curbside pickup zone”.  Each block in downtown Peterborough has a zone on both sides of the street. 

Designated curbside pickup zones provide 15-minutes of free parking for those quick stops for curbside pickup.

With more customers making quick stops for curbside pickup for shopping and dining rather than visits that require longer-term parking, the pickup zones offer convenient, high-turnover parking access for customers.

To ensure curbside pickup zones are available for customers to conveniently access businesses, a maximum time limit of 15 minutes is enforced.

Drivers using the new curbside pickup zones don't have to pay for parking in these zones as long as they comply with the 15-minute time limit.

While stopped, drivers should turn off their vehicle in order to avoid idling as required under the City’s anti-idling by-law.

Parking longer than the 15-minute window could result in a parking ticket with a fine of $25.

Existing commercial loading zones, accessible parking spaces, bus stops and no-parking zones next to intersections are maintained and drivers are reminded that enforcement of existing parking restrictions in these areas will continue. These spaces are not to be used for regular parking or for curbside pickup zones.

We will continue to monitor parking requirements and make adjustments if necessary.