Centre Policies

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We are committed to having a Centre that is open and welcoming to everyone. Please find come helpful information below to ensure everyone can enjoy their visit at our Centre.

Program policy

Program attendance

If a child misses two classes or lessons of a registered program (non-aquatic) without notification to staff, the child's family may be contacted and the child will be withdrawn from the program. This policy also applies to pre and postnatal fitness programs

Concussion awareness

If it is suspected that a participant has sustained a concussion while engaged in registered supervised programs at the Wellness Centre, a clearance form must be submitted before the participant may resume participation again

Gift cards

Gift cards are redeemable at the Peterborough Sport & Wellness Centre and the Peterborough Museum & Archives. Gift cards must be activated at time of purchase. The unused value remains on the card. This card has no expiry date and may not be refunded.

Health and safety

The safety of our patrons and staff is our first priority. To ensure a safe environment, program and facility space interruptions may occur.

Member rates

Member rates on swimming lessons, specialty fitness programs, children's dance programs, and child day camp programs for applicable membership types will only be provided if the membership is active during the time of registration and remains active for the duration of the program. The difference in pricing will not be provided as a credit at a later date.

Photo waiver

The City of Peterborough reserves the right to use photographs and videos of all our programs, participants, special events, and facilities for promotional purposes. As in any use of web or social media, any further control of the image once posted is no longer within the control of the City of Peterborough.

Wait list

If a program is full you may request to be added to the wait list if one is provided for the program. You will only be contacted if a spot becomes available. Additional phone numbers may be listed to ensure you can be reached as we cannot leave messages.

Program refunds

Program refund requests are accepted prior to program start and charged an administration levy of 10% or $5 minimum. Cash payments are refundable by cheque only. Program refunds are not accepted after the program starts unless accompanied with a medical documentation and supervisor approval, and will be subject to the administration levy and be pro-rated accordingly.

Facility rental cancellation

Facility rental cancellations must be made no later than seven days prior to start date and a 10% cancellation fee will apply. Cancellations made with less than seven days' notice are non-refundable. Refer to Camp Policy for camp fee refunds.

Camp refunds

Requests are accepted prior to camp start date and are charged an administration levy of 10% of program fee or $5 minimum.


Prior to June 15 refund requests will follow the refund policy above.

From June 15 forward, refund requests will be accepted up to 14 days prior to camp start date and are subject to a 25% administration fee. Refunds will not be provided if request is received less than 14 days prior to camp start date unless accompanied by medical documentation and supervisor approval, and will be subject to a 25% administration fee.


Prior to June 15 requests will be completed where space is available and without an administration fee.

From June 15 on, transfer requests will be accepted and approved pending availability and are subject to a 10% administration fee per registration.

Release, waiver and indemnity

The participant (or parent or guardian if Participant is under the age of 18) voluntarily assumes any risk of injury or damage in connection with the use of services or facilities, and releases, discharges, and agrees to indemnify and save harmless the City of Peterborough and its employees, agents, and volunteers from any liability, claim, demand, or cost whatsoever incurred arising out of the participation of the Participant in the program at the facility.


Please call or visit us to enquire about subsidy for memberships and programs. For programs outside the Wellness Centre, the Recreation Division makes subsidies available for child residents of the City of Peterborough. For more information on subsidies call the Recreation Division at 705-742-7777 x1827.

Aquatic centre policy

Aquatic centre (as posted)

No person having a communicable disease or open sores on his or her body shall enter the pool.

No person shall bring glass containers or food onto the deck or into the pool

No person shall pollute the water in the pool in any manner, including: spitting, spouting of water or blowing your nose in the pool or on the deck.

No running on pool deck.

No person shall engage in boisterous play in our about the pool.

Leisure pool capacity: 174

Therapy pool capacity: 48

Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied into the pool with a parent or guardian who is at least 16 years of age and responsible for their direct supervision.

Bathing suit attire only; street clothes are not permitted.

Waterslide (as posted)

All riders must be 107 centimetres tall (42 inches) and no more than 136 kilograms in weight (300 pounds) to use the slide.

Obey all orders given by the attendant and operator.

No person shall dive, run stand, kneel, rotate or stop in the channel. All riders must ride feet first lying down on their backs with hands positioned parallel with their body.

Hands must be kept inside the channel.

User must leave the splash down area promptly.

No person shall bring glass, bottles or food onto the water slide.

No bunching or chaining by riders permitted.

Water depth of splash down area – 44 inches

Swimmers only may use the water slide.

Lifejackets, mats, tubes, or any other pool toys are not to be used on the water slide.

No person shall use the water slide under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Riders must be in good health; pregnant women or people with heart conditions are recommended not to use the water slide.

In order to use the water slide you must be able to swim one length of the leisure pool.

Ontario Regulations: R.R.I 1990, Reg 20, 72 “Public Slide Ride Under the Amusement Devises Act”

Additional policies

Lifeguards are to be obeyed at all times.

Everyone must shower prior to entering the pool (Regulation 565.s.15).

No person under the influence of drugs or alcohol shall use the pools.

No outdoor footwear will be permitted.

No gum on pool deck.

No diving off the side wall – deep end wall diving only.

No standing, sitting or jumping off of the orange elevated wall in the Therapy pool.

No sitting, standing, or walking on the wall that divides the slide from leisure pool.

Covering the pearls or blocking the water spouts is prohibited.

Spouting water from noodles is prohibited.

No swearing or inappropriate language.

No inappropriate behaviour.

For the safety and security of our members and participants, the use of cameras is not permitted in the pool or on the pool deck. An exception is made only during the last class of swimming lessons, when a photo of the child and instructor is permitted.

All children not toilet trained must wear “Litter Swimmers” when in the pool. Regular diapers are not permitted.

Children under 10 years of age must be directly supervised by an adult/person 16 years or older, in the pool, on the pool deck and in the family change room.

Children under 4 years of age should be kept within arms reach of their supervising adult at all times.

A supervision ratio of 1 adult to 3 children under the age of 10 is required of all patrons and group users of the pool (day camps, school groups, minor sports groups, birthday party services, etc.)

All participants under the age of 16 must use the family change room (with direct supervision from their parent/guardian if they are under the age of 10 years).

Aquatic screenings will be administered to all Centre day camp program participants, rental groups, birthday party services, school groups, etc. Please call in advance to schedule a screening for your group.

No sitting on lane ropes.

Program participants must remain on deck until their scheduled program time.

Equipment that is not utilized for its intended purpose will be revoked.

With the exception of water, no food or drinks are allowed on the pool deck.

The maximum allowable capacity of the leisure pool is 174 and therapy pool is 48. Patrons are advised that if we reach capacity, access cannot be guaranteed.

Centre staff reserve the right to revoke access to the facility if they deem the behaviour of an individual inappropriate or unsafe.

Camp policy


Information forms are required for each child and are due one week prior to camp start. Forms are available at the Centre, Recreation Division 210 Wolfe Street Peterborough, or you can complete the online form. Camp staff cannot administer prescribed medications without caregiver consent. Please see camp staff for an authorization form.


Programming and supervision of our programs is provided by certified and trained staff whose experience and leadership skills provide a rewarding camp experience for children in a healthy and safe environment. Student volunteers and LIT Candidates also contribute support to camp initiatives.

What to bring

Please bring a daily nut-free lunch, snacks, drinks, water bottle, running shoes, sunscreen and hat (or appropriate outdoor weather clothing), swim gear, and a smile. Please leave nuts and nut products, personal toys, electronic devices, and valuables at home. Label personal items with first name and last initial. The Centre is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Swim screening

Mandatory aquatic evaluation of each camper's swimming ability is performed by our aquatic staff. Wrist bands,water wings, or life jackets may be assigned.

Drop-off and pick-up

Caregivers are required to check-in with camp staff each morning and evening. If an alternative adult will be collecting your child, that adult must be listed on the child's form. If a child does not arrive at camp, staff will follow-up with caregivers. If your child will be absent please advise camp staff in advance, or before 9 a.m. on the day of absence.

Special needs campers

If your child has special needs (physical, cognitive, behavioural, etc.) a one-to-one support adult should be provided to assist your child daily at camp. Please contact the Program Coordinator at 705-742-0050 ext. 2206 before registering your child to discuss your child's needs.

Behaviour at camp

Campers are expected to behave appropriately while in the care of the program; these expectations are in place to ensure all campers have a positive camp experience.

Camp hours

Supervision is offered between 8 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Camp programs start at 9 a.m. and run until 4 p.m. Early drop-off care is available; please see Early Bird information on page 3 of the Centre program guide.

Lunch/snapshot programs

Order forms are available weekly, and returnable to the camp attendance desk with fees.

Childminding policy

We encourage cooperative play, ensuring all children have a safe and enjoyable experience.

Caregivers are asked to:

  • sign children in and out of the service at each visit and provide proof of membership or payment.
  • carry the pager that we give you and remain at the Centre while children attend. You will be notified if your child needs assistance.
  • be aware that the Centre is nut-sensitive; please label any snacks you bring.
  • bring children's indoor footwear to each visit.

We encourage positive visits. We will work together with you and your children on any negative behaviours

Facility policy

Each person using the Centre shall conduct himself or herself in a responsible, courteous, and safe manner at all times.

All members and registered participants must swipe their card or key tag to gain entry into the Centre. If a card or key tag is forgotten, the patron must wait in line to be allowed into the Centre.

Fitness centre policy

Children aged 12 – 14 may use the fitness centre after completing the required Youth Get Started program.

No bare feet, sandals, open-toed shoes, or street shoes of any kind; non-marking anti-slip athletic shoes must be worn at all times.

No food or hot beverages permitted.

For hygienic reasons, shirts must fully cover the stomach and chest.

Backpacks or jackets are not permitted on the fitness floor or in the hallways. Please use a locker.

All machines must be unloaded, and free weights and accessories must be returned to their proper location after use.

NO CHALK. Spotters and collars must be used when necessary.

Overhead Olympic lifting must be performed in the provided racks only.

Wipe equipment after use.

Be respectful to others and move fluidly from one machine to the next allowing others to ‘work in'.

Misuse of equipment may result in immediate expulsion.

A 30 minute limit on all cardio equipment is in effect during peak times.

Track is a walking track only.

Profanity or disrespect towards others will not be tolerated.