Outdoor Special Event Facilities - Safety Plan Guidelines

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A Plan to Safely Reopen Ontario and Manage COVID-19 for the Long Term:

  1. Maintaining a physical distance of at least two metres from any other person who enters or uses the facility, except from their caregiver or members of the same household is highly recommended.
  2. Hand sanitization upon entry in the facility is highly recommended.
  3. Masks or face coverings are required whenever a person is within 2 metres of another individual that is not part of their household.
  4. Capacity limits for organized events and social gatherings are as follows:
    • 100 people outdoors (private social gathering event)
    • Staffed business/organizations have no capacity limit
  5.  If your event includes buffet style or potluck meals masks/face coverings are recommended to be worn, and a physical distance of at least two metres maintained when people are in the lineup.  It is highly recommended that hand sanitizer be used prior to patrons handling utensils at the buffet.
  6. Any tents or canopies erected must have at least two full sides of the entire outdoor area open to the outdoors and are not substantially blocked by any walls or other impermeable physical barriers.
  7. Any live entertainment that is performed for spectators, the performers must maintain a physical distance of at least two metres from any spectators or are separated from any spectators by plexiglass or some other impermeable barrier.
  8. If your event could be considered an outdoor concert, theatre, cinemas or a food related event there are additional requirements and guidelines to be met. 
  9. The event organizer must record the name and contact information of every person that attends the event and maintain the records for a period of at least one month and only disclose the records to a medical officer of health or an inspector under the Health Protection and Promotion Act on request. 
  10. The City may request additional safety requirements based on event details and Public Health recommendations.

City of Peterborough Requirements:

  1. Post Facility Safety Plan and screening signage at each facility.
  2. Ensure that all special events have an approved safety plan.