Secondary Suite Guide

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What is a Secondary Suite?

A secondary suite is a self-contained residential unit with a private kitchen, bathroom facility and sleeping area and living area within a dwelling or within a structure that is accessory to a dwelling with access gained either through a separate entrance or common area.

Why Secondary Suites?

The City of Peterborough is permitting the creation of secondary suites to achieve the following objectives:

  • To provide housing for a variety of users including aging family members, adult children, caregivers etc.
  • To increase the supply of rental housing and improve rental affordability
  • To alleviate the cost of homeownership
  • To make efficient use of infrastructure, housing stock, land and resources
  • To facilitate residential intensification, mitigate climate change, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Building a new Secondary Suite

Please visit our Building a New Secondary Suite page or download our Secondary Suite package to see Zoning By-law requirements associated with new secondary suites.

Existing Secondary Suites

If you have an existing secondary suite, please visit our Legalizing Existing Secondary Suites page to ensure your secondary suite meets applicable regulations.

Obtaining a Building Permit

If your property meets requirements for a secondary suite, please visit our Obtaining Your Building Permit page to see information about requirements under the Ontario Building Code.