The Peterborough Airport diligently works to balance the needs of airport users and stakeholders with the neighbouring community while ensuring the safe, effective operation and long-term success of the airport.

Noise reduction

We implemented Noise Abatement Procedures for the Peterborough Airport on July 4, 2017. The procedures came out of community engagement efforts and an application to Transport Canada, which regulates flight activities. The procedures require pilots to follow certain Noise Operating Criteria that deal with flight elevation levels, turns and avoiding certain areas when possible.

There are no turns below 1,000 feet above aerodrome elevation on visual flight rules during takeoff and climb from runway 09/27. Over flight of noise sensitive areas is to be avoided when joining or departing the circuit. The Peterborough Airport Noise Liaison Group prepared a presentation on the changes.

What doesn't change:

  • The distance at which aircraft space themselves from the runway in the downwind leg
  • The point at which aircraft are turning base and final legs
  • Where aircraft are when joining the circuit from overhead

What changes:

  • Aircraft climbing off the runway are turning later at a higher altitude
  • There's a reduction in power setting by the time the aircraft turn for the downwind leg
  • The crosswind turning point is further from the runway end
  • Aircraft are at 1,000 feet above aerodrome elevation before they turn the crosswind leg

If you have a concern about noise from the airport, please see our online form for submitting noise report and contact information.

Peterborough Airport Community Relations Coordinator

Ingrid Kutzner, Peterborough Airport Community Relations Coordinator

  • Office: 705-743-6708 ext. 2172
  • Cell: 705-760-3750
  • Email: Ingrid Kutzner

Noise Liaison Group

Peterborough Airport Noise Liaison Group

The Peterborough Airport Noise Liaison Group (PANLG) is looking for new members to represent area residents. We are currently seeking someone to represent the area northeast of the airport, which includes the Almeara Drive and Driscoll Road area. We are also looking for people to act as designated alternates for our current members. Designated alternates can attend meetings with their respective PANLG member or participate in their absence.

Residents who live within a four kilometre radius of the airport can submit an application to become volunteer members who represent area residents on the PANLG.

Documents relating to the PANLG: