Heritage Preservation Office

The Heritage Preservation Office administers the following programs:

Peterborough Architectural Conservation Advisory Committee

The Heritage Preservation Office provides staff support to the City's Municipal Heritage Committee – the Peterborough Architectural Conservation Advisory Committee (PACAC). The PACAC is mandated by the Ontario Heritage Act to provide recommendations to Council on matters relating to heritage, including the designation of properties. The Committee also hosts a variety of events each year to bring awareness to heritage in the city and to provide resources to owners of heritage buildings.

Heritage Resources

There are many available resources for heritage property owners and anyone interested in built heritage.

City Resources

We have developed a number of resources for property owners interested in heritage designation or who own historic buildings. These include:

 Ontario Heritage Trust

The Ontario Heritage Trust is the provincial body that protects and promotes heritage in Ontario. The Trust looks after a number of historic sites in Ontario and provides resources relating to the building conservation. The Trust also organizes events and workshops to help promote and provide education about the province's heritage.

National Trust for Canada

The National Trust for Canada is an organization dedicated to the preservation of heritage sites across Canada. They provide educational programming, resources, advocacy and support for historic sites across the country.

Ontario Heritage Tool Kit

The Ontario Heritage Tool Kit is a series of guides designed to help people understand heritage conservation in Ontario. The different guides include information on heritage designation, property research and evaluation, and the conservation of places of faith.

Doors Open Ontario

Doors Open Ontario began in 2002. It is a province-wide initiative that invites visitors to experience unique and exciting heritage sites that are not normally open to the public. Events take place in communities across Ontario annually from April to October.

Canadian Register of Historic Places

The Canadian Register of Historic Places is a searchable database of historic sites across Canada.

Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada

The Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada is a federal set of guidelines developed by Parks Canada to assist with the conservation of historic places across Canada. This document provides practical advice on approaching conservation and restoration of historic sites and properties.