Opportunities for growth and development

With more than $35 million invested into infrastructure improvements and expansion since 2010, the Peterborough Airport is well positioned for growth and development. We feature an advanced aviation-related employment park, a general aviation area for personal, business and recreational pilots, a spacious air terminal and a 7,000-foot runway. Whether you're looking to build your aviation business or establish your home base for your personal plane, we're the ideal location for you.

Peterborough's location offers unimpeded flight operations and practice areas, yet allows for ready access to nearby highly sophisticated airports for training and test flights.

We serve recreational and commercial users, including day-to-day operations by corporate travel departments, private charters, medical transfer staff, military training, flight training and air cargo operators.

With no operating curfews, the airport is an economical and welcoming base of operations, capable of supporting high-end commercial aviation.

Developing at the airport

Industrial and commercial ground-side lots, fully serviced

Ground-side lots are located west of Skyway Drive, the main entrance to the Air Terminal. The lots are fully serviced with electricity, natural gas, communications fibre, water and sewer services, which are available to aviation and aerospace businesses not requiring direct access to the runway.

Industrial and commercial air-side lots, fully serviced

Air-side lots are located east of Skyway Drive, the main entrance to the Air Terminal, and west of Airport Road, accessing air-side via Apron 1. The 30 acres of land is fully serviced with electricity, natural gas, communications fibre, and water and sewer services.

Tax, service and lease rates

Land lease rates

Land lease rates
YearLand lease rates (per square foot/year)







Tax rates

Tax rates
Property type2018 tax rates







Servicing fees

A servicing fee is applied to serviced lease areas to recover some of the capital costs.  The rates vary depending on the lease location.