Commercial and General Aviation Development at Peterborough Airport

Peterborough Airport offers fully serviced commercial and industrial lots, and un-serviced general aviation lots for development.

Supported by unmatched services, our 7000’ runway and supporting infrastructure is conveniently located in proximity to major highway infrastructure offering ease of access to the Greater Toronto Area, and region of Eastern Ontario. Part of the Southern Ontario Airport Network, YPQ is the perfect destination to invest, build, and position your business or operations for future growth in Eastern Ontario’s Aerospace Sector. Join over 20 successful businesses, and a diverse mix of aircraft operators and owners who have already chosen YPQ as their base of operations. 

Benefits of basing your operations at YPQ:

  • Prime Location: Peterborough Airport is strategically positioned between Toronto and Ottawa, making it easily accessible for anyone in eastern Ontario.
  • Modern Facilities: Designed to accommodate 737 series aircraft, our facility serves a variety of aircraft from recreational, flight training, destination passenger charters, corporate flight operations, and special flight operations.
  • Full-Service Facility: Served by a full service Fixed Based Operator, Stewart Aviation offers high quality services including air-stairs, de-icing, air-start, ground power, customized service, and more.
  • Collaborative Business Ecosystem: Basing operations at Peterborough Airport offers access convenient range of business that can support your operations including aircraft maintenance and engineering solutions, aircraft completion and refurbishment, aircraft parts, and avionics to keep your aircraft in the air.
  • Competitive lease rates and user fees

For inquiries, partnership opportunities, or to take the next step towards joining our aerospace employment hub and aviation community, contact us at

General Aviation Development Lots

Map of Peterborough Airports General Aviation lots

Commercial Development Lots

Map of Peterborough Airports Industrial development area

Industrial Development Lots

Map of Peterborough Airports Industrial development lots

Property at the Peterborough Airport is leased to tenants on a long-term basis.

Tax rates

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Servicing Cost

A servicing fee is applied to serviced lease areas to recover capital costs.  The rates vary depending on the lease location.

Lease Rates

Please contact the Airport for current lease rates.