2024 Fees and Charges

Landing Fees

Landing fees are applied per 1000 kg of maximum gross take off weight (MTOW), rounded up to the nearest 1000 kg.

Landing Fees 
Type of Flight / RegistrationWeight (kg)Fee per 1,000 kg
Rounded up to the nearest 1000 kg
Aircraft Based at Peterborough Airport n/a No Charge
Private  Less than 3,000 kg  No Charge
Commercial Less than 3,000 kg  $6.00
Commercial / Private 3,000 kg to 9,999 kg $9.00
Commercial / Private Greater than 9,999 kg $12.00

Apron Fees

Apron fees are applied per 1000 kg of maximum gross take off weight (MTOW), rounded up to the nearest 1000 kg unless otherwise stated. Aircraft 3000 kg and above parked on aprons exceeding one (1) hour are subject to apron fees, up to the monthly rate.

Fees - Apron I and Apron II
Aircraft typeRateFrequencyMonthly Rate

Single Piston


Per Night


Multi-Piston & Recreational Helicopter


Per Night


Turbo propeller, Jet & Commercial Helicopter1- Apron I and Apron II
WeightRate per 1000 kgFrequencyMonthly Rate

0 – 9,999 kg


Applied every 12 hours

24-hour rate x 10

10,000 – 19,999 kg


Applied every 12 hours


20,000 – 44,999 kg


Applied every 12 hours


Greater than 44,999 kg


Applied every 12 hours


Aircraft Tiedown

Aircraft Tiedown Fees
Location of TiedownMonthlySemi-AnnualAnnual

Private Apron II




Apron I or II





Apron II:     
$15.00 flat rate for 24 hours.

Private Apron II:    
Winter Rate – October to March: $45.00 per month
Summer Rate – April to September: $15.00 per month

Aircraft Registration

Aircraft registration fees are applied to all aircraft that are based at Peterborough Airport. This fee supports continued maintenance of airport infrastructure and provision of services.

Aircraft Based at Peterborough Airport: $100.00
Flight School: $250.00 (every 5 aircraft)

Airport General Improvement

An Airport General Improvement Fee is applicable to commercially chartered flights with more than 9 passengers.

  •  $8.00 per enplaning and deplaning passenger using the Air Terminal Building.

Annual Business Registration (excluding tenants)

For businesses that are not tenants of Peterborough Airport and plan to perform activities airside, it is mandatory to register with airport management. This registration process involves a fee of $200.00 and the submission of necessary insurance documentation, and supporting information.

General Aviation Maintenance

General aviation maintenance fees are applied to recover costs associated with seasonal maintenance services (including snow removal) provided to recreational hangars located on Apron III.

General Aviation Maintenance Fee
Service TypeRate

Apron III - Private Apron Seasonal Maintenance, including snow removal

$0.10 per square foot of lot area

Motor Vehicle Parking

Vehicle owners must register with Airport Management to use long-term parking. Permission to use long-term parking is granted at the discretion of Airport Management, and availability is limited.

Motor Vehicle Parking Fees
Parking DurationFee

Less than one week






Equipment Storage

Equipment storage availability is limited and permission for use is granted at the discretion of Airport Management.

Equipment Storage Rates
Storage TypeFee



Airport Operations, Facility and Administration

Airport Operations, Facility and Administration Rates
Service TypeRate

After Hours Call-out (Staff Only)1

$125.00/hour per staff member – two hours minimum

Winter Sand Application

$75.00 per application

After Hours Airport Winter Maintenance Call-out2



Cost recovery

Airport Equipment



$120.00/full day (8 hours)


50% discount applied to Airport Tenants and charity organizations

Air Terminal Lobby Rental

$700.00/full day (8 hours)

$300.00/half day

Airside Staff / Vehicle Escort


Airport Vehicle Operator Permit

$50.00 – Taxiway

Airside Access Key (FOB)

$50.00 deposit / replacement fee

1 Two hour minimum not applicable if after hours call-out is within one hour of published hours of operation.

2 Includes staff and winter maintenance equipment required to clear priority surfaces to support flight operations.

Development Charges

Development Charges
Service TypeFrequencyRate

Development Review Fee


$16.60 / square meter of the structure

Servicing Connection Fee




Servicing Charge1



Structures under 10,000 square feet

$0.05 / square foot of lot area


Structures 10,000 square feet and over

$0.05 / square foot of building area

Airport Infrastructure Fee2


$0.05 / square foot of lot area

1   On account of the costs associated with extending municipal sanitary and water services to the Airport.

2   Applicable to all new lease agreements made in 2024

Ground Lease Rate

Ground Lease Rate
YearApron I, Apron IV, Apron III - WestLot 6A, 7A & 7B


$0.3432 / square foot

$0.60 / square foot