Walking and Cycling

Bikes at a festival

We are proud of our extensive walking and cycling routes and are excited to share them with you. Peterborough is rated as a silver walk friendly and bike friendly community and 1 in 10 people walk or bike to work. To make walking and cycling more comfortable and enjoyable, we are building more sidewalks, trails and cycling lanes.

Bike Month - June 2021

June is Bike Month in Ontario, and Peterborough has plenty of activities planned for people interested in cycling. Bike Month activities include:

 Register Your Bike & Qualify to Win a Great Lock
The City is working with a program called 529 Garage. Register your bike on their site and then you will become part of a social network keeping an eye out for each other's bikes. You can also get a Shield to place on your bike so that it can be easily identified as your bike and returned to you if it is recovered. You can get the Shields at B!KE and GreenUP. Register your bike by June 30 to qualify to win one of three Abus U-Grip Bordo 5700 bike locks.
 Cycling and Trail Quiz
Dive into local cycling and trail trivia by taking this fun quiz developed by the Bicycle Advisory Committee. Do you know how many kilometres of multi-use trails we have, or how winter and cycling trail use compare? Find out these answers and more!
 Celebrating New Cycling and Trail Infrastructure

Each week in June, we will highlight a new cycling or trail infrastructure project. Through the leadership and generosity of local philanthropists, as well as municipal investment, we have some great new infrastructure installed in the last year. Stay tuned to get the stories behind the projects.


Story 1 - Roper Park Trail

Our first story features the Roper Park Trail that was built last summer. Located in the west end of the City near Ravenwood Drive and Parkhill Road, this 450m trail connects the neighbourhood, provides access to the amenities in the park, and connects to the broader trail and cycling network in the City.

Trail donors Haig Kelly and Barron Cowan have donated generously to the City and County trail system for the last 25 years. When residents in the Roper Park neighbourhood requested that an informal trail through the park be formalized to make it a more welcoming space and deal with muddy conditions, Kelly and Cowan got involved.

When they visited Roper Park, Kelly and Cowan were impressed with the number of people using the informal trail and decided to make the donation to formalize the trail, which was built in the summer of 2020. A plaque beside the trail recognizes the donors as Haig Sharon Kelly, The Kelly Family Foundation and The Barron Cowan Foundation.

 Pedal Poll
Velo Canada Bikes is organizing Canada's first national bike count June 1-6. 20 volunteers will be counting cyclists in Peterborough. Smile and give a wave if you spot them!
 Program Results
GreenUp and B!KE have been busy helping people make the shift to cycling through programs like Shifting Gears, Finding Balance and Rack and Roll. We'll be sharing some stories about these programs in the coming weeks.
 Share the Trail Campaign
Multi-use trails have become a haven for walking and cycling during the pandemic, making it more important than before to share the trails. Let's keep our trails safe and enjoyable for everyone, whether walking or cycling. Soon, you will see Share the Trail signs up on our busiest trails. What do you need to know? Keep right, give notice when passing, pass left with lots of space, pass slowly. Leave room on the trail for others to pass and keep your dog on a short leash. Our trails are busiest from 2-6 pm, so if you like it quieter, go early!

Walk and Bicycle Friendly Status

The City has received Silver Bicycle Friendly designation from the Share the Road Cycling Coalition. The Active Transportation and Health 2020 Indicators Report outlines the trends in local transportation with a focus on walk, cycling and transit.

Cycling and trail maps

The Cycling and Trail map shows trails and cycling routes in Peterborough and the surrounding area. The Peterborough Cycling Short Routes map details eight lovely routes of 15 to 40 kilometres in length. You can pick up both maps at City Hall, local cycling shops, and from Peterborough & the Kawarthas Tourism, which has more information about local cycling routes and services.

Maintenance and suggestions

Call Public Works at 705-745-1386 if you have a concern about maintenance along a sidewalk, bike lane or paved trail. We plow sidewalks, bike lanes and paved trails in the winter.

Please let us know if you have a suggestion about how we can improve walking, cycling or trails.

Rules and etiquette

To make walking, cycling, skateboarding and E-biking safe and fun for everyone, we have a by-law that says where you can skateboard, bicycle and E-bike in the City of Peterborough. This table shows where you can travel using different types of transportation.

Types of transportation and where they’re allowed
Type of TransportationWhere you can travel

Scooter-style E-bikes

You are not allowed to use a scooter-style e-bike on multi-use trails. You can use them in bike lanes.

Bicycle-style E-bikes

You can bicycle in bike lanes and on multi-use trails if pedalling only.


You can skateboard on both multi-use trails and bike lanes.


You are not allowed to ride a bicycle on sidewalks downtown. Children under 14 years of age can ride on the sidewalk outside of the downtown.

Paths beside roads

There are many paths beside roads where riding a bicycle is allowed. A path is wider than 2 metres and sidewalks are 2 metres wide or less.

Programs and workshops

GreenUP and B!KE have workshops and events related to walking and cycling. Programs include:

  • Active School Travel
  • Active Switch
  • Cycling skills
  • Fixing bicycles
  • Tours of trails and cycling lanes


We are creating a Cycling Master Plan for the City. Public engagement is a key part of the process and your input is appreciated. Peterborough has 76 km of bike lanes and trails to explore. You can find your way using the directional signs along cycling routes all over the city. The 2012 Cycling Network guides the development of future trails and bike lanes to make the city more bike friendly.

Bike parking

Decorative bike racks

We provide bike parking downtown and at public facilities. We have information on how to provide bike parking at your location. For more information or to request bike parking at a public location, contact Susan Sauve.

Registering Your Bike to Prevent Theft – 529 Garage

The City is working with a program called 529 Garage. Register your bike on their site and then you will become part of a social network keeping an eye out for each other's bikes. You can also get a Shield to place on your bike so that it can be easily identified as your bike and returned to you if it is recovered. You can get the Shields at B!KE and GreenUP.

Upcoming Cycling Projects

Upcoming cycling projects include:

Crawford Trail

The Crawford Trail is between Crawford Drive and Monaghan Road by Lansdowne Place. This trail will be extended to the downtown along the former CP Rail line to Townsend Street. This project will take place in phases over the next few years.

George Street Cycling Lanes

The George Street cycling lanes are being extended south to Lansdowne Street as part of the pavement preservation project taking place there in 2021.

Lansdowne Street

The new section of multi-use trail on the south side of Lansdowne Street between River Road and Ashburnham Drive is now open.

Parkhill Road

Parkhill Road is being reconstructed between Ravenwood Drive and Ackison Road. The road now has a multi-use trail on the north side. 

Tips for Cyclists and Drivers

The How to Use Bike Lane booklet shows cyclists and drivers how to use bike lanes, including the green pavement markings.

A Metre Matters

The a Metre Matters video shows how much room to give cyclists when passing.

Stay Safe Stay Back

Share the Road's Stay Safe Stay Back information shows cyclists how to keep safe when near large vehicles.


Our Sidewalk Policy requires that we provide sidewalks on both sides of new and reconstructed streets. 

Sidewalk Strategic Plan

Where sidewalks are missing along existing streets, new sidewalks are provided according to need as identified in the Sidewalk Strategic Plan. Each year, we build about 2 km of new sidewalks along existing streets. We upgrade and add pedestrian crossings as well to make it easier for you to cross busy streets.

New Sidewalks in 2021

Projects planned for 2021 include links to the Rotary Trail connecting several side streets to the trail north of Parkhill Road.

Reports about walking and cycling

The 2020 Active Transportation and Health Indicators Report has information about who walks and bikes, where people walk and bike, how the City and County are doing for walking and biking and the health of our community related to how we get around.