Transit Projects

full bike rack

We have several projects underway that will lead to improved transit service.

Transit route review and long term growth strategy

The City of Peterborough is undertaking a study that will include a Transit Route Review, a Long Term Growth Strategy for the Transit System, and a plan for the Downtown Transit Terminal.

The first part of the study, the Transit Route Review, is now underway. Please visit the study website for more information about the study and to submit ideas.

Real time bus information and online route planner

When this project is completed, you will be able to go online, enter your origin and destination, and the route planner will tell you what routes to take and the times available. You will also be able to see exactly where your bus is. These new services will be available by the end of 2019.

Transit bus storage facility

We are working on replacing the existing facility on Townsend Street so that bike racks can be put on buses and buses can be stored inside so they will start consistently in the morning.

We have considered various City-owned properties and a few privately-held properties that we could potentially acquire for this project. An Expression of Interest process is underway to seek other potential partners or property owners that want to be considered as part of this project. There are several ways that an individual, business or organization could partner with us or become involved in the transit storage facility project, including:

  • Offering other options for land or potentially existing buildings where the transit storage facility could be located, other than the municipality's own property;
  • Partnering with the City on the project and identifying resources they can contribute to the project, for operating and capital costs, towards other complementary facilities or services at the facility;
  • Identifying commercial partners that can bring alternative financing solutions to the project, which may include capital or operating resources, in exchange for benefits such as land, naming rights, improved or new municipal services that complement the transit storage facility, advertising on Peterborough Transit, and development rights as part of a public-private partnership.

The project requires a property that is at least five acres of developable land, has enough street frontage for two access points (preferably on two different collector or arterial roads), is relatively flat and relatively square in shape, is close to municipal sewer and water services,and is within six kilometres of 182 Townsend St.