Route 10 Technology Drive

City building

Route description

Travels from the downtown terminal east with stops on Bensfort Drive, Technology Drive, Lansdowne at Ashburnham and Lansdowne at Lock, and back to the downtown terminal. This area will now be included in the Pink Community Bus route for On Demand Service. Weekday afternoon and weekend service will be available using PTBOnDemand. 


Monday to Friday

Monday to Friday
Peterborough Terminal Lansdowne at Lock Neal at Bensfort O'Brien at Technology Lansdowne at Ashburnham Lansdowne at Lock Peterborough Terminal
5:55 6:01 6:05 6:10 6:17 6:20 6:30
6:45 6:51 6:55 7:00 7:07 7:10 7:20
7:20 7:26 7:30 7:35 7:42 7:45 7:55

For weekday afternoon service, please book your trip using PTBOnDemand. Download the PTBOnDemand App or call 705-745-5801.