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Important information for Rent-Geared-to-Income (RGI) applicants through HAP

We've created an online, interactive Community Housing Map to help you learn about Rent-Geared-to-Income (RGI) and other affordable properties in the City and County of Peterborough. If you have applied for RGI housing and are on the wait list, please contact Housing Access Peterborough (HAP) at 705-742-0439 extension 229.

Beginning July 1, 2020 there are changes happening to the wait list. We are asking all applicants to review and update their housing application selections. Current applicants on the wait list will recieve a letter that provides more details, as well as an invitation to the Information Sessions on May 6 and May 7, 2020. 

Apply for Rent-Geared-to-Income Housing

You can apply for Rent Geared-to-Income (RGI) housing at Housing Access Peterborough (HAP). The new Community Housing Map is an interactive online tool where you can learn about social and affordable housing in the City and County of Peterborough. It can help you make well-informed choices about which RGI properties to select on your Housing Application.

Resources to help you understand the Community Housing map

The Community Housing Map includes details about the number of bedrooms in the units, if heat and/or hydro are included, which grocery stores and schools, and bus routes are nearby in Peterborough, and many more helpful features.


The definitions can help you understand the terms used in the map.


Places where there are fully accessible units or units with accessibility features.

Affordable Housing

Places where there is rent that is set at or below average market rent.

Centralized Wait List (CWL)

The waitlist for RGI Housing that is managed by HAP.

Community Housing

The combined term for Affordable and Social Housing.

Housing Access Peterborough (HAP)

 The agency that manages the waitlist for most RGI Housing.

Market Rent

The average cost of rent in Peterborough or rents that are not RGI level at Social Housing sites.


Leases cannot ban pets but if they are present and cause issues, they may put housing at risk.

Rent Supplements

Payments that bridge the gap between what a household can afford to pay and what the actual rent

Rent-Geared-to-Income (RGI)

Rent that is affordable to the household based on their income.

Social Housing
Housing Providers that are listed in the Housing Services Act. They usually have RGI units that are filled through HAP. Some also have other RGI units and/or market units where application is directly through them 

Social Services

A division of the City of Peterborough that includes services for Child Care, Income Support and Housing for the City and County of Peterborough.

Definitions - long version

The definitions can help you understand the terms used in the map.

  • Accessibility

    In the description of some of the sites you will see an accessibility icon.  This icon means that there are fully accessible units available. Many other sites have units with accessible features. If you have accessibility needs, please read the property descriptions on the map or contact Housing Access Peterborough or the manager of the site itself. 

    Affordable Housing

    In the Community Housing Map, Affordable Housing refers to units that have rents set at or below market value and household incomes below a set amount at the time that they apply. There are over 700 affordable units in Peterborough. Contact the landlord directly to apply. You cannot apply through the Centralized Wait List (CWL) at HAP.

    Centralized Wait List (CWL)

    This is the wait list for Rent-Geared-to-Income (RGI) housing that is maintained by Housing Access Peterborough until June 30, 2020. July 1, 2020 it will be managed by Peterborough Social Services. The Housing Services Act is the law that makes the rules on how the wait list must be maintained, including who is eligible to be on it. The CWL in Peterborough has about 1,500 people waiting for RGI housing.

    Community Housing

    Community Housing refers to Social Housing as well as other housing options that are funded or subsidized to make them more affordable to renters.

    Housing Access Peterborough (HAP)

    HAP is the agency that manages the Centralized Wait List for RGI Housing. They are located in the same building as Peterborough Housing Corporation at 526 McDonnel Street Peterborough. Their phone number is 705-742-0439 extension 229.

    As of July 1, 2020 the Housing Wait List will be managed by Social Services at 178 Charlotte Street Peterborough. The phone number will be 705-748-8830.

    Market Rent

    Market Rent is also called Average Market Rent (AMR). It is the average cost of rent in the Peterborough area. Utilities such as heat, electricity and hot water may or may not be included in the rent amount. This statistic is collected every year by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC).

    The term “Market Rent” may refer to a slightly different amount at Social Housing sites based on the rules for that property.


    The law in Ontario says that a lease or other tenancy agreement cannot prohibit animals in a rental unit or around the building. If pets in your home cause issues, it may lead to problems with your landlord. Some examples of issues are: a pet makes too much noise, damages the unit or causes other tenants to have allergic reactions. If a pet is dangerous or unsafe this could also cause a problem.

    Co-operative housing projects may have extra rules related to pets.

    Rent Supplements

    Rent supplements are payments that bridge the gap between what a household can afford to pay and what the actual market rent is.

    The rent supplements listed in the Housing Map all have agreements with the landlords and are for specific housing units or programs.

    Rent-Geared-to-Income (RGI)

    A housing unit where the amount of rent is calculated based on household income and is affordable to the household. The rules for how to calculate what the RGI amount is are detailed in the Housing Services Act (HSA).

    Many Housing Providers offer a mix of RGI units as well as other units with rents at or below market value.

    Social Housing

    A term used to describe Housing Providers that are listed in the Housing Services Act. Most of these Housing Providers offer RGI housing. The Centralized Wait List is for most of these RGI units. Many Housing Providers also have market rent units available that are not filled through the Centralized Wait List. There are 1,833 Social Housing units in the City and County of Peterborough.

    Social Services

    Social Services is a division of the City of Peterborough, located at 178 Charlotte Street  Peterborough, in the Charlotte Mews. The phone number is 705-748-8830.

    A range of services are offered at Social Services including Children’s Services, Income Support and Housing Services.

    Starting July 1, 2020 the application for RGI housing will be through the Social Services office.

Help Guide

The Help Guide includes tips about how to use the map.

Information sessions for applicants

There are 2 information sessions to help applicants understand upcoming changes and to make updates to their applications.

Applicants are invited to drop in at one of the sessions listed below. Housing Access Peterborough and Peterborough Social Services staff will be available to answer your questions, help you use the map, and to update your application.

  • Thursday May 7, 2020 from 6:30p.m. to 8:00p.m. at McDonnel St. Activity Centre (577 McDonnel Street Peterborough)
  • Friday May 8, 2020 from 2:00p.m. to 3:30p.m. at McDonnel St. Activity Centre (577 McDonnel Street Peterborough)

We want to hear from you!

Tell us your feedback on the new map by email at housing@peterborough.ca or by phone at 705-742-7777 extension 1499.

Get help finding and keeping housing

Help finding housing

The Housing Resource Centre helps you find housing. Each week you can check for vacancy listings that show what's available to rent. These listings are from local newspapers and other websites. Make sure you know your rights as a tenant including some helpful housing search tips. You can get help in the City and County of Peterborough.

Help keeping housing

Housing Stability Fund

The Housing Stability Fund (HSF) helps you get or keep your housing. You can get help paying overdue bills, rent, and other housing-related costs.

If you are at risk of losing your housing and your income is low, you may be eligible. People who live in the City and County of Peterborough can apply. Some examples of eligible housing costs are:

  • Heat, hydro or rent arrears
  • Mortgage or tax arrears
  • Last month's rent
  • Beds, bed covers, mattresses and box springs
  • Emergency home repairs
  • Replacing or purchasing appliances
  • Moving or storage costs

Are you eligible?

If your income is from Ontario Works (OW) or Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP)

If your income is from Ontario Works (OW) or Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP)

then you may be eligible to receive:

  • Up to $700 per calendar year for singles
  • Up to $900 per calendar year for couples without dependent children
  • Up to $1,300 per calendar year for families with dependent children and or dependent adults

Contact the Social Services office at by phone at 705-748-8830.

If you do not receive income from Ontario Works (OW) or Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP)

If your income is not OW or ODSP e.g. pension, employment insurance, job, etc, you may be eligible to receive:

  • Up to $1,200 per calendar year for singles
  • Up to $2,000 per calendar year for families

Contact the Housing Resource Centre

540 George Street N. Peterborough, Ontario K9H 3S1

By phone: 705-743-2272

By email: hrc@ccrc-ptbo.com 

By text: 705-930-9301

Apply for Affordable Housing

The new Community Housing Map is an interactive online tool that you can use to learn about what RGI or affordable locations you want to apply to live at.

The rent amount in affordable housing units is at or below average market rent (AMR). Also, your income must be below a certain amount to be eligible. For these units, rent costs are lower than most newspaper and online listings. Some units are only for seniors, families, or singles. Call these landlords for more information and to apply:

Contact the affordable housing landlords directly to apply.

Amadeo Developments 705-743-5378

Myrtle Terrace, 200 St. Luke's Ave., Peterborough

  • 60 units for singles, seniors, families, and people with special needs

CB Rubidge 705-868-9759

143 Rubidge St., Peterborough

  • 4 units for families
  • 2 units under construction

Community Living 1-855-277-2121

732, 736 Jane St., Peterborough

  • 8 units for people with an intellectual disability

ECE Living 705-749-6871

260 Aylmer St. N., Peterborough

  • 6 units for seniors

Knox Residence 

Email: knoxres@yahoo.ca

400 Wolfe St., Peterborough

  • 42 units for singles
  • Some accessible units

Moloney Property Development Corp. 705-768-5188

Argyle St. Apartments, 49 Argyle St., Peterborough

  • 16 units for seniors

Hazelbrae Place, 21 Barnardo Ave., Peterborough

  • 42 units for seniors

The Loyola, 188 Edinburgh St., Peterborough

  • 28 units for seniors

Victoria Park Apartments, 90 Murray St., Peterborough

  • 50 units for seniors, singles, and families

The Mount Community Centre 705-875-5095 

Website: www.themountpeterborough.ca

1545 Monaghan Rd., Peterborough

  • 65 units (not all built as of March 2020)

Ontario Aboriginal Housing Services 705-742-5698 or 844-742-5698

721 Monaghan Rd., Peterborough

  • 11 units for self identified First Nation, Metis and Inuit community members
  • Some accessible

Otonabee Non-Profit Housing Corp. 705-295-4900

Monaghan Court, 35 Pinecrest Ave., Keene

  • 19 units for seniors

Payne-Downie 705-927-1651

342 Downie St., Peterborough

  • 4 units for families
  • 2 units under construction

Peterborough Housing Corporation 705-742-0439

Website: www.ptbohousingcorp.ca

Anson House, 136 Anson St., Peterborough

  • 26 units for singles and seniors

Bradburn House, 293 London St., Peterborough

  • 18 units for singles and seniors

Edinburgh Street, 220 Edinburgh St., Peterborough

  • 4 units

McRae Building, 553 Bonaccord St. Peterborough

  • 34 units (under construction)

River Ridge, 900 Dutton Rd., Peterborough

  • 40 units for singles, seniors, families, and special needs

Saunders Court, 130 Anson St., Peterborough

  • 30 units for singles and seniors

Trailview Terrace, 48 Rabbit St., Lakefield

  • 54 units for seniors and special needs

Woollen Mill, 526 McDonnel St., Peterborough

  • 50 units for singles, seniors, families, and special needs

Swirl in Motion 705-292-0492

Canadian Woollens, 544 McDonnel St., Peterborough

  • 4 units for singles

TVM 1-800-368-9242

TVM Tower, 212 Brock St., Peterborough

  • 11 units for singles, seniors, and special needs

TVM George Street, 406-408 George St. N, Peterborough

  • 8 units

TVM Schoolhouse, 443 Reid St., Peterborough

  • 48 units or singles, seniors, families, and special needs

TVM Terraces, 207-209 Murray St., Peterborough

  • 16 units for people with disabilities

TVM Maryland Place, 716 Maryland Ave., Peterborough

  • 23 units for seniors

Rent supplements

Rent supplements are another way to lower the amount of rent you pay. It is a monthly payment to your landlord. It can bridge the gap between what you can afford to pay and what the rent actually is. Call the Housing Resource Centre at 705-743-2272 for more information about rent supplements.

Get help with home repairs and accessibility projects

The Peterborough Renovates Program (PRP) application phase is now over. Funding is limited.

If you have an urgent repair need, please contact Habitat for Humanity at 705-750-1456.

 Annual compliance updates
If you got a loan in the past and have questions, contact Housing Services. You can email your yearly update forms and documents.

Get help buying a home

The Homeownership Assistance Loan Program is currently closed. This program is not offered every year, as funding is limited.

Other tools and tips are on CMHC's Home Buying Step by Step website.

 Annual compliance updates
If you got a loan in the past and have questions, contact Housing Services. You can email your yearly update forms and documents.

Community Housing Reference Information

This information helps guide Community Housing providers in the City and County of Peterborough. 

What is Community Housing?
“Community Housing” is a new term we use for Social Housing or Rent-Geared-to-Income (RGI) Housing. The places that run Community Housing are often called Housing Providers. In Peterborough City and County, the largest Housing Provider is Peterborough Housing Corporation. There are 12 other smaller providers that also run RGI Housing.
What is the Guide?

The Community Housing Guide (“the Guide”) has the information from most of the Community Housing Directives (CHD), see below, but with more detail added. It also has more easily worded items from the Housing Services Act, 2011 (HSA). The HSA is one of the main laws that tells the Housing Providers a lot of the rules that they need to follow. Some of the rules are about the need to track a wait list for people who want RGI housing. This wait list is run by Housing Access Peterborough (HAP), and is often called the Centralized Wait List (CWL).

There are also chapters about best practices and information that is important to running Community Housing. The Guide is updated often and the newest version is posted online.

Who is the Guide for?
The Guide will be most useful to people who work at the City, the Housing Providers and Housing Access Peterborough (HAP). It is on the website for others who also may find it helpful such as residents, members of the public and other Service Managers.
How was the Guide written?

The first public version of the Guide was released in 2019. It was created with input from Housing Providers and Housing Access Peterborough staff at the Service Manager Advisory Resource Team (SMART) meetings. SMART meetings are held regularly and include Housing Provider representatives, Housing Access Peterborough staff, and City staff. Other Housing Providers are welcome to join SMART by contacting Housing Services staff at housing@peterborough.ca.

Thank you to neighbouring Service Managers who allowed us to use content, ideas and templates from their local guides and policies. This includes Halton Region, City of Ottawa, City of London and especially Durham Region.

Community Housing Directives

The City of Peterborough is the Service Manager for housing and homelessness. The HSA allows Service Managers to make “local rules” for some parts of running Community Housing. Service Managers can also make rules about best practices that are important to the community and give information about changes that happen. When these rules, practices and changes are sent to Housing Providers, they are called Community Housing Directives (CHD). The CHD are updated regularly, and the newest ones are posted online.


AIR 2019-01 Retention of Operating Surplus

AIR 2019-02 Annual Information Return

CAP 2019-01 Capital Planning and Capital Reserves 

INC 2012-02 Pursuit of and Failure to Obtain Income

INC 2019-02 Documentation Required for Verification of Income

MIS 2016-01 Provider Participation in Provincial Arrears Database

OCC 2018-01 Occupancy Standards and Special Circumstances

OCC 2018-02 Over-housed Households

OCC 2018-03 Order of Household Selection

OCC 2019-01 Absence from Unit

REP 2019-01 Notes to Financial Statements for SHRRP Funding

REV 2018-01 Process for Review

RGI 2014-03 Review of Continued Eligibility for Rent-Geared-to-Income Assistance

RGI 2018-01 Housing Provider Refusals to House

RGI 2018-02 Number of Offers to House

RGI 2019-02 Imputed Rate of Return on Non-Income Producing Assets

RGI 2019-03 Notification of Changes to Income or Household Information

RGI 2019-04 Fluctuating and Seasonal Income

RGI 2020-01 Rent Increase Guideline

Letter templates and forms

This section sets out several forms and letters that include content that meets requirements under the law and other local rules. Housing Providers may choose to use their own internal documents but are required to always use the same information in their own letters and forms.

Note: In order to keep the formatting of documents, it is recommended that Housing Providers select File and download the document to Microsoft Word rather than "cut and paste".


 Letter templates

Notice of Increase to Market/Maximum RGI and 12-month Rule

Notice of Ineligibility - 12 months at market

Notice of Requirement to Divest of Property

Notice of Requirement to Divest of Property - Extension

Notice of Requirement to Pursue Employment Insurance (EI)

Notice of Requirement to Pursue Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS)

Notice of Requirement to Pursue Old Age Security (OAS)

Notice of Requirement to Pursue Ontario Works Income

Notice of Requirement to Pursue Ontario Works Income - Dependent

Notice of Retroactive RGI Change with Amount Owing

Notice of RGI Change

Request for Information

Request for Information - Declaration of Child Support (DCS)

 Form Templates

Former Tenant Move Out Arrears Report (Housing Access Peterborough)

Peterborough Review Committee Brochure

Peterborough Review Committee Hearing Form - Tenant/Member/Applicant

Peterborough Review Committee Hearing Form - Housing Provider/HAP

Urgent Medical Needs