Education Support

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We can support you to get your grade 12 diploma. It doesn't matter your age or situation, we can help. You can receive Ontario Works and reach this goal.

Learning, Earning and Parenting Program

Learning Earning and Parenting (L.E.A.P.) is required for parents under 18 receiving Ontario Works and is available for single parents or couples under age 25 with children.


  • help to find and pay for childcare
  • help finding education programs to reach your goal of a Grade 12 diploma
  • help with money for school supplies
  • cover transportation costs to and from school and childcare


  • get advice and financial help as you work toward your goals
  • take part in workshops and training to get job ready
  • help to find a part-time or summer job


  • helpful parenting programs
  • fun programs for young children that supports healthy development
  • community contacts that will help you and your child

When you reach your goal you will get:

  • a bursary for post-secondary education or training for $500
  • money to be held in trust for your child's future education

L.E.A.P. staff work with young parents receiving Ontario Works to help reach their educational goals.

Student Earn and Learn (S.E.L.)

Do you want to go back to school and earn your Grade 12 or equivalent? Ontario Works can help you. It's tough to go to school if you're worried about paying your bills. It's hard to get a job without Grade 12 or equivalent. We can help support your educational goals, no matter what age you are.

When you're working towards your Grade 12 or equivalent, S.E.L. is the program for you.


  • help finding a part time job
  • While you are going to school full time, you get to keep all the money you earn. This means no deductions from your Ontario Works payment


  • help you find the learning option that is right for you
  • help you get enrolled in the school of your choice
  • help with costs for books, school supplies and transportation
  • Our case managers can meet you at your school for support
  • We offer encouragement, support and help with all your goals and challenges

When you're ready to graduate, we can help with college application fees. You'll also be eligible for a $200 graduation incentive.

If you're 16 or 17, you also get:

  • a case manager to help you stay in school
  • help from a trustee with your money from Ontario Works to learn budgeting skills
  • to choose an adult supervisor from our community to give you informal mentorship and encouragement