Bridges Out of Poverty Working Groups

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Working groups for clients and community partners

Collaboration and sharing at all levels are important to understanding.

Join one of our working groups to take part!

 Client Advisory Group

A group for clients.

We recognize that we are not the experts in what our clients need. As a customer, we need your views and thoughts about the programs and services offered by the Social Services Division.

Join this group by speaking to your worker!

Customer participation and feedback help us make sure we are doing our best to serve you and other community members in the best way possible.

Terms of Reference

Social Services Bridges working group

The Social Services Division strives to offer the best possible service. We have a dedicated group of staff motivated to implement the Bridges strategies at the agency level, across the division. 

Terms of Reference

 Bridges Community Partners

Once trained, community members may wish to share implementation strategies. Many community employers and agencies have participated in our Bridges Workshops and have found them to be very practical and helpful. Join us for our bi-annual meeting to continue learning and sharing how we can build a bridges community together!

Terms of Reference