Accessible Services

full bike rack

The City of Peterborough Transit buses are easy to get on and off because they have no steps and they have a ramp for wheelchair and scooter users. Please note that not all personal mobility devices can access all Peterborough Transit buses. Our buses can accommodate wheelchairs and scooters that don't exceed 36” (90 cm) x 48” (120 cm). Our Accessible Van Service lifts can accommodate a maximum combined weight of 700 pounds (317 kg). 

Visit our Accessible Van Service page

Support person bus pass

If a support person is required, a passenger can apply for a support person pass that will allow their support person to ride for free on conventional and specialized transit.  Passengers need to schedule their support person when making a booking for specialized services. Some restrictions may apply based on seating availability. This pass is now renewed annually.

Accessible services - Emergency preparedness and response policies

Peterborough Transit is committed to the safety and security of all our passengers. To ensure this, our staff are always ready to help you.

Emergency preparedness

All Peterborough Transit bus operators have been specifically trained to provide accessible transit services. Training includes the safe operation of the ramp, assisting in the securement of wheelchairs/vacant scooters and an understanding of customer needs.

Do not hesitate to ask your bus operator any questions.

All Peterborough Transit operators are trained to give you detailed instructions on what to do in the event of an emergency. Peterborough Transit operators and supervisory staff will work together to ensure the safety of all passengers in an emergency situation.

 Emergency response
  • The City of Peterborough’s Fire and Emergency Services has been designated by the City to provide assistance in the case of an emergency.
  • In the event of an emergency, Peterborough Transit operators will contact Transit operations control, who in turn will contact Fire and Emergency Services to ensure that assistance is provided as soon as possible.
  • Peterborough Transit operators will provide assistance to passengers, including those with disabilities, or if unable to safely do so, will advise the emergency services of any passengers who require help.
  • Each situation is different, and Peterborough Transit operators are trained to respond accordingly. For example, in the event of a bus collision, your bus operator will attempt to identify passengers who may be injured and provide assistance where it is possible to do so safely.
  • Peterborough Transit also welcomes input from its passengers: if you are injured or see someone who may be injured, notify your bus operator as soon as possible.