Your tax dollars go toward City services and infrastructure such as:

  • plowing roads, paths and sidewalks in the winter
  • collecting garbage and maintaining the landfill
  • picking up and processing recyclable items from your blue boxes
  • building and operating the sanitary sewer and sewage treatment systems to protect public health and the environment
  • providing social services
  • supporting affordable housing
  • running recreation programs
  • implementing sustainability initiatives
  • Peterborough Transit
  • Peterborough Police Service, Peterborough Fire Services, and Peterborough Paramedics

Every day, you use community services or infrastructure in some way.

Through direction provided by City Council, the City drafts a budget that reflects community priorities, expected service levels and legislated responsibilities. For the most part, the Draft 2020 Budget maintains existing service levels.

The Draft 2020 Budget includes $286.3 million in spending on municipal services and $57.4 million in capital investments.

Breakdown of what a residential taxpayer pays

 What a typical residential taxpayer pays for municipal services

What a residential taxpayer pays for municipal services

Based on a home assessed at $260,000

Services and programsTaxesPercentage of total municipal portion
City Council $14.27 0.44%

Office of the Chief Administrative Officer

$11.23 0.35% 
Fire Services $357.02 11.05% 
Emergency Management $9.80 0.30% 
Communication Services $15.64 0.48% 
City Clerk's Office $15.37 0.48% 
Financial Services $41.19 1.28% 
Facilities Management $24.12 0.75% 
Human Resources $23.92 0.74% 
Corporate Information Services $69.17  2.14% 
Facilities and Special Projects $3.00 0.09% 
Legal Services $4.72  0.15% 
Office of Infrastructure and Planning Services $5.80  0.18% 
Planning $36.43  1.13% 
Peterborough Airport $49.15 1.52%
Building Inspection and Protective Services $9.88 0.31% 
Engineering, Construction and Public Works $245.58  7.60% 
Infrastructure Management $17.51 0.54% 
Transportation $233.44 7.23% 
Environmental Services $142.27  4.40% 
Community Services Administration $35.43  1.10% 
Recreation $21.28 0.66% 
Arts, Culture and Heritage $103.70  3.21% 
Arenas $49.98  1.55% 
Social Services $247.09  7.65% 
Capital financing costs $561.34 17.38% 
Property taxation costs $59.53 1.84% 
Other expenditures related to capital levy and financing $21.28 0.65% 
Contingency $7.13 0.22% 
Police Services $556.12 17.22% 
Fairhaven long-term care $42.76 1.32% 
Peterborough Paramedics $111.45 3.45% 
Otonabee Conservation $17.04 0.53% 
Primary Health Care Services Peterborough $0.45  0.01% 
Peterborough Public Health $30.84 0.95% 
Peterborough and the Kawarthas Economic Development $21.28 0.66% 
Peterborough Humane Society $7.70 0.24% 
Greater Peterborough Innovation Cluster $2.95 0.09%
Downtown Business Improvement Area $3.16 0.10% 
Total municipal property taxes for a home assessed at $260,000 $3,230.02 100%

Online property tax calculator

Use our online property tax calculator to see a breakdown of your residential property taxes and where your tax dollars go. The calculator shows 2019 property tax amounts and the 2019 breakdown of where tax dollars go. It will be updated in 2020 for the 2020 amounts. Properties with commercial or other tax class components will get inaccurate results using this calculator.

Use our online property tax calculator

Services - Draft 2020 Budget operating spending

Chart of 2020 Budget operating expenditures


Infrastructure - Draft 2020 Budget capital spending

Pie chart of 2020 capital expenditures by department

The Draft 2020 Budget includes spending $57.4 million in capital spending

Every year, there are more capital projects and required infrastructure work that are needed than can be funded through the available capital budget. Even with help from the province and federal government, many projects that are needed or wanted are delayed to fit infrastructure spending within the available budget.

 20 largest 2020 capital projects
20 largest 2020 capital projects
Project description2020 amountTotal project cost(including previously budgeted amount and estimated future allocations)
Parkhill Road West - Wallis Drive to West City Limit $6 million  $32.3 million 
Pavement preservation program  $4.1 million  $52.2 million 
New transit buses  $4.1 million  $7.95 million 
Evinrude roof and HVAC replacement  $2.3 million  $14.8 million 
Conventional bus replacement  $2 million  $4 million 
Sanitary sewer relining, renew, and repair  $1.7 million  $23.6 million 
2020 fleet replacement and enhancement  $1.6 million  $19.6 million 
Bethune Street storm water diversion shared funding  $1.5 million  $31 million
Enterprise software modernization  $1.4 million  $10.7 million 
CCTV inspection of pipes  $1.4 million  $13.1 million 
Moorecraig Road and Roper Drive reconstruction  $1.2 million  $2.6 million 
Property acquisitions and improvements  $1.2 million  $11.7 million 
Incentives for affordable housing  $1.1 million  $12 million 
Various police capital projects  $1.1 million  $1.1 million 
Chemong Road - Parkhill Road to the Parkway right of way  $1 million  $37.5 million 
Extension of Crawford Drive to Harper Road  $1 million  $11.5 million 
Transit garage replacement site selection study  $1 million  $44.9 million 
Roads surface pavement program  $1 million  $5 million 
City wide storm water quality master plan implementation  $850,000  $5.8 million 
2020 Waste water treatment plant equipment upgrades and replacement  $850,000  $27.2 million 


The City of Peterborough abides by our Procurement By-Law when we procure goods and services. Our bids and tenders process complies with this by-law.