City Council Meetings


Watch Council

Livestreaming is available for all Council and General Committee meetings. Advisory Committee meetings are not livestreamed.

Agendas and Minutes

Advisory Committee Meetings will be held electronically starting January 2021. Individuals wishing to listen to any meeting must contact the Clerk's Office at 705-742-7777 ext. 1820. You will be provided with a toll free number and conference id to enable you to listen to the meeting by telephone.  

For past agendas and minutes, scroll down in the window below. 


Council meeting schedule

The schedule of Council meetings is available on our Mayor and Council page.


The City of Peterborough has several legislated and advisory committees that provide input and guidance on the provision of municipal services and programs for our community. Visit our Committees page to find brief descriptions of these legislated and advisory committees of Council.

 Procedure By-law
Based on the recommendations of the Procedure By-law Review Committee, City Council passed By-law 21-104 at its November 29, 2021 meeting.

The changes to the City's Procedure By-law, summarized below, are intended to improve clarity of procedure and meeting efficiency, offer additional tools for delegations, and create consistency between meeting modes.

Opening of Meeting

The opening of meetings will be conducted as follows:

  • Land Acknowledgement
  • Thirty Seconds of Silent Reflection
  • National Anthem
  • Recognition of Constitution and Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Other Business Items at Committee Meetings

To improve transparency, new items of business will not be introduced under Other Business unless a vote of two-thirds of Council supports the addition of the new item. Instead, a Notice of Motion will be introduced on General Committee and Finance Committee meeting agendas. Motions introduced using the Notice of Motion provides greater transparency for both members of Council and the public and would require a majority vote to approve.

Electronic Recorded Voting/Paperless Agendas

The Procedure By-law has been amended to show that all votes at meetings of General Committee (open sessions only), Finance Committee, and Council will be recorded votes.

Lost/No Decisions by Standing Committees

The Procedure By-law wording has been clarified regarding the recording of Lost/No Decisions in section 26.1. Where a Standing Committee has not made any recommendation related to a motion provided in a staff report, the LOST motion will be added to the appropriate report on a Council agenda under the heading “Not Recommended by Committee”.

Public Participation

The following list of changes in the Procedure By-law are intended to better organize public delegations at meetings, improve meeting efficiency, offer modern tools for the public to provide comment and information to Council, and bring consistency with electronic meeting processes:

  • No unregistered delegations
  • Require the completion of an application form to appear as a delegation
  • Delegation can address only one item on the agenda
  • Organize delegations by report
  • Maximum speaking time for a delegation is five minutes
  • The number of delegations to an individual item/report is not to exceed ten (with the exception of Public Meetings under the Planning Act)
  • Encourage groups to select a speaker
  • Enhance website commenting options as another available tool for the public to express its comments to Council