Professional Development, Hospitality and Related Travel Expenses


The City of Peterborough supports the professional development and training of City Council members, advisory committee members and City staff, as appropriate, for the benefit of the municipality.

Council directs that professional development, hospitality and related travel expenses that meet certain eligibility criteria will be posted online for the public.

The criteria for the public posting of claims include:

  • The event occurs after May 1, 2010 and takes place outside of the City of Peterborough;
  • The event is related to professional development, training or hospitality; and
  • The total cost of the event exceeds $200.

The expense claims are organized by department and division. The information for each claim includes the title of the staff position, the name or description of the event and the date.

To review claims from 2018 to 2014, visit Past Professional Development, Hospitality and Related Travel Expenses


 Chief Administrative Officer
Communication Services
Emergency and Risk Management
 Fire Services
Council and the Mayor's Office
 Community Services
 Art Gallery of Peterborough
 Arts, Culture and Heritage Administration
Community Services Administration
 Social Services
Corporate and Legislative Services
 City Clerk's Office
 Facilities Management
Financial Planning and Revenue Services


 Human Resources
 Legal Services
 Infrastructure and Planning Services
Building Services
Engineering and Construction
Environmental Protection
Infrastructure Planning
Planning Services
Public Works