Peterborough Data Share logo.Local data and evidence is critical to making good decisions. Peterborough DataSHARE is a collaborative network in the greater Peterborough area, working together to support the analysis and sharing of local data.



  1. To collaborate as data specialists in order to better understand local City and County of Peterborough statistics.
  2. To monitor trends and create essential community documents and reports.
  3. To coordinate projects involving local data in order to maximize our capacity.
  4. To share local analyses so that work on local statistics is not duplicated.
  5. To develop processes for the sharing of local data.
  6. To share in the cost of the data for the Peterborough Data Consortium. 

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Equity Data Presentation

E-GAP Governance Accountability

Community Data Program

Poverty and Employment Precarity in Southern Ontario

Precarious Employment Research Initiative – Peterborough

Trent Community Research Project Collection

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Terms of Reference

Community Data Information Sheet

2021 Data Consortium Application