Climate Change Action Plan


The City of Peterborough is committed to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2031.

We're a partner in the Greater Peterborough Area Climate Change Action Plan, which includes targets and recommends actions for each of the partners.

For the City, our community produced 349,743 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year based on the 2011 baseline year. A 30% reduction will reduce our emissions to 244,820 tonnes per year.

For our municipal government, our baseline year emissions were 15,129 tonnes in 2011 and a 30% reduction will bring it down to 10,590 tonnes a year.

You can find more information on our targets and actions in the Climate Change Action Plan chapter that's specific to the City.

Annual updates show our actions and accomplishments.

The City is accepting donations in support of the Climate Change Action Plan.

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