The City of Peterborough's Waste Management includes the collection, processing and disposal programs/services for garbage, recyclables, green waste, large articles, hazardous waste and electronic waste within the Environmental Services Division.

The Division manages the Peterborough County/City Waste Management Facility, the Material Recycling Facility, the Household Hazardous Waste Depot and the Harper Road Composting Facility. Capital development is funded by contributing to the Waste Management Reserve Fund.


Blue Box commodity revenue saw a record high year in 2021 for commodity values, brought on by inflationary and supply chain management issues (partially related to COVID impacts). Commodity values have continued to remain elevated during Q1 of 2022, but are expected to decrease (perhaps by 25% over the next three quarters of the year). The current composting facility at Harper Road is slated to wind down operation in late 2023. The GROW Peterborough SSO (food) collection and processing project is in the design and approval phase targeting 2023 construction, and commissioning with operations planned to commence in fall 2023. 

The Province of Ontario continues with efforts to transition recycling program and cost responsibilities to the private sector under a full
(100%) extended producer responsibility (EPR) program, targeting January 1, 2024 implementation for the City of Peterborough. However, to date, the private sector have not provided further details (including costing or funding support) towards this transition. Further details are expected by late summer 2022. Household Hazardous Waste stewardship transition to full industry funding (EPR) commenced in October 2021, with 2022 as a transition year underway. 

Waste Diversion, and long-term planning are underway. Emterra (recycling collection and processing contractor) is now in their second year (of seven) servicing the City. Efforts to divert other targeted materials (e.g. polystyrene, textiles) continue to provide valuable data for future program expansion.

Performance Data

City waste diversion rate (2021) was 52%. New, more challenging diversion opportunities continue to be investigated, including polystyrene, organics, reuse, bulky plastics, and textiles. The City continues to monitor Federal and Provincial initiatives targeting the reduction and elimination of use of hard to recycle plastic items.

2023 Budget Overview

Waste Management
Description2023 recommended
Expenditures $15,575,391
Revenues $8,084,175
Net requirement $7,491,216