The City of Peterborough's waste management includes the collection, processing and disposal programs/services for garbage, recyclables, green waste, large articles, hazardous waste and electronic waste within the Environmental Services Division.

The Division manages the Peterborough County/City Waste Management Facility, the Material Recycling Facility, the Household Hazardous Waste Depot and the Harper Road Composting Facility.


Budget pressures will come from a significant decline in selling prices for recyclable material (China's "National Sword"), increased property taxes associated with the landfill, and a need to clarify with residents the sorting of recyclables in the blue box. A project is underway to design and attain approvals for a new organics composting facility at the Bensfort Road site. The current composting facility at Harper Road is slated to close as of January 1, 2022, and permission to extend in support of a replacement operation will be required.

Transition to a new contract service provider occurred in late 2019 with interim operations and increased costs and transition through 2020. Waste Diversion, and long-term planning are underway to optimize waste and recycling programs.

Performance Data

The City’s waste collection and diversion programs are quite mature resulting in excellent participation and diversion.

All diversion programs resulted in a residential diversion rate of 50%. 

New, more challenging diversion opportunities continue to be investigated, including organics, reuse, bulky plastics, and textiles. 

A committee, including citizens, is focusing on reduction of single-use plastics has been created to investigate opportunities, and prioritize efforts in these challenging environmental times.

2021 Budget Overview

Waste Management
Description2021 recommended
Expenditures $13,514,555
Revenues $6,872,299
Net requirement $6,642,256