Recreation and Park Services Division Budget supports the overall operations of the recreation programs, services, and facility operations. The division provides community development and assistance to sport organizations, community groups and partners including those partners at Fleming College and Trent University. The division leads on the planning and coordination of community engagement in active recreation facilities including specialized facilities such as skateboard parks, outdoor rinks, beaches, wading pools, and sport courts, fields, and diamonds. The division supports the daily activities of the recreation administrative, facility, program, and partnership service areas. 

During 2023 the former Arenas Division has been dissolved and most of its functions and facilities are now amalgamated into the Recreation and Park Services Division. The Parks section formerly part of Public Works is also now part of this Division to ensure the Recreation and Park Services Division has control over administration, programming, permitting, and maintenance of all Parks related functions.


Recreation Administration

The 2024 budget includes focus on the planning and implementation of the thirteen active recreation provision strategies through continued development and collaboration with local townships, school boards, user groups and our partners at Trent University and Fleming College. The provisional strategies include development of specialized recreation delivery including Pickleball, Tennis, Skateboard, Pump Bike Tracks, Dog Parks, Aquatic Facilities, Boat Launches, Disc Golf, Pavilions, Volleyball, Lawn Bowling, and Diamonds and Field Sports. Development of business plans related to these active recreation options will include consultations with the user groups, community, and partners. In alignment with the provision strategy, the budget includes recommendations to continue collection of reserves into the general reserve account to provide greater ability to access these funds for future developments. 

Recreation Administration will continue work to meet community needs by incorporating adult leisure programs, learn to play and recreational sports, upgrading facilities, and introducing new facilities, such as the 16-court pickleball facility project at Bonnerworth Park. Recreation Services will continue to meet demand and apply the successful models utilized in day camps, aquatics, fitness, and youth programs and expand these areas to meet the needs of the region. The need to provide financial assistance in the community continues to grow. Recreation Services will support this with an expanded subsidy program, subsidized membership opportunities, and several free programs and events throughout the community. 

During 2023, user fee supported debt for the Peterborough memorial Centre matured resulting in a significant decrease in the expenditures for 2024 as no further debt payments are required.

Recreation Administrative Services

Recreation Administrative Services provides administrative supports for the recreation division as a whole including the coordination of customer and membership services, food and concessions, facility booking and permitting services. In addition, this service area is responsible for contract administration of user groups, school board joint use agreements, lease, and tenant agreements, including contracted services at Beavermead Campground, Community Gardens, and annual firework displays. 

The 2024 budget includes the return to concession operations at community arenas, and food services at various recreation facilities including Sport and Wellness Centre and McDonnel Street. Quaker Foods City Square will focus on a number of community-based events moving forward including the Regional Farmers Market and community watch parties and with existing partners such as the Downtown Business Improvement Area (DBIA) will coordinate celebrations designed to animate the downtown space creating a community hub for activities. The 2024 budget net requirement increase is due to a change in the use of reserves. 

Recreation Facilities Services

Recreation Facility Services provides operational support to all recreation facilities including arenas, aquatics, community centres; including Sport and Wellness Centre, and seasonal facilities; including the Marina and the City's outdoor rink located at Quaker City Square. Facility services staff strive to efficiently manage all facilities and maximize use by providing reliable, accessible, and attractive facilities that are available to all community members and users for a variety of activities, programs, events, and services. This budget includes the operational budgeting for all recreation facility operations and costing, including all facility rentals and tenant revenues, and expenditures including all operational staffing, maintenance, and repairs.

The 2024 budget includes some expenses and revenues for the Miskin Law Community Complex which is scheduled to open in Fall 2024. This facility will provide year-round ice operations, resulting in additional allocation opportunities, enhanced City recreation  programming, and community sports. The inclusion of the library, walking track and multi-use spaces provides opportunity for various community services and users and services in this complex.

Healthy Planet Arena will undergo phase two of capital construction, including the replacement of the Arena floor, board system and rink lighting on the Leon's Pad. The refrigeration plant, which services both floor pads will be replaced projected to take place in the spring-summer of 2024. Kinsmen Civic Centre will provide year-round ice to all users to accommodate the project at the Healthy Planet Arena.

The increased budget is due to approved wage and benefits increases, insurance cost increases and the operating costs and  revenues for the Miskin Law Community Complex opening for the final quarter of 2024. The budget includes one new position, a Recreation Booking Assistant, that was approved by Council through Report CSRS23-001. 

Recreation Program Services

Recreation Program Services provide divisional support in the delivery of program and partnership services and includes the staffing, planning, advertising, delivery, supervision, and evaluations of recreation programs. The service area involves the community with a variety of programming options focused on a diverse demographic and includes programs for adults, children, families, and youth within areas such as aquatics, beaches, fitness, sport, instructional and recreation opportunities, and summer and school break day camps. This service area coordinates marketing, communication, and sponsorship on behalf of the division. 

The 2024 budget includes revenues and expenses associated with programming, including: Expansion of the youth portfolio to include more youth drop-in programs, leadership programs, workshops and certifications including babysitting, first aid, and involves youth leadership through the Youth Council and Youth Commission. The area coordinates annual events including National Youth Week and Canada Day Celebrations. 

Children and Family programs will include children’s drop-in programs, children’s fitness, dance, and martial arts. Swim programs and Summer Day Camps continue to be successful with continuing programming in PA, Holiday and Winter Breaks, birthday party packages and adaptive swim lessons. 

Introduction of Adult focused programming which began in 2023 will continue focusing on land and aquatic fitness, yoga, learn to play programs in a variety of sports, as well as a variety of workshops and learning sessions designed to engage older adults.

Sport programs continue to grow to support the expanding population and sporting options will include court sports such as Pickleball and Tennis. The budget includes the hosting of community special events such as Sno-Fest, Youth Week, Recreation and Parks Month, and Sport Expos.

2024 Overview

The operating budget for Recreation and Parks below includes expenditures and revenues for Recreation Administration; Administrative Services; Facilities Services and Recreation Programs. Additional detail is available in the 2024 Draft Budget book.

Recreation and Parks
Description2024 recommended
Expenditures $13,173,932
Revenues $7,566,039
Net requirement $5,607,892

Capital budget

Capital projects in the Recreation and Parks Service 2024 Draft Budget include Ice Resurfacers for all arenas; parking lot pavement repairs; electrical power panel enhancement at the Peterborough Memorial Centre; Customer Service Reception Accessibility Upgrades at the Sport and Wellness Centre; Beavermead Campground Park implementation; Marina Septic System Replacement; and Sports Tourism Sponsorship.

The 2024 Budget Highlights book provides details on all planned initiatives.