Recreation overview

This budget supports the staffing, planning, advertising, delivery, supervision and evaluation of the Recreation Division programs and services, including community development/assistance activities; community gardens; facility management; direct delivery programs and instructional sports; special event projects; recreation fee subsidy program; summer aquatics program; Junior Parks; Downtown Youth Space; Peterborough Youth Commission/Council; sport field permitting; the operations of the Skateboard Park, picnic sites at Beavermead, Nicholls Oval and Jackson Park; operation of the Peterborough Marina; and oversight of Beavermead Campground; and operations related to Naval Memorial Park Complex and the McDonnel Street Community Centre.


The 2023 operating budget for the Marina includes the non-tangible capital asset cost of $20,000 for replacing the existing coin-operated washer and dryer with commercial units that utilize a card-reader system, eliminating cash handling or cash storage in the facility. A total of $25,000 has been included in the 2023 Marina operating budget for contracted overnight security staff services to address the increase in vandalism and security issues. 

Naval Memorial Park Complex completed renovations in 2022 for the admiralty hall building, which continues to function as a multi-use complex. In 2023, the Naval Memorial Park Complex is scheduled within the budget to complete a Master Plan for the property to properly plan for future usage of the site. 

The acquisition of the McDonnel Street Community Centre will provide an additional multi-use complex focusing on adult leisure, inter-generational and certification workshops, community partnerships agreements, and facility rentals. If the acquisition proceeds, the expected agreement will include a partnership with the Peterborough Lawn Bowling Club, which would continue the operation of the lawn greens, existing leagues, and programs. Staff continue to work with the Club on the framework of an operating agreement but has been included in the budget in anticipation of it being finalized in early 2023 to ensure the Recreation Division can operate the building effectively once the purchase is finalized. 

In response to funding support requests related to the post-pandemic recovery, the division budget includes $50,000 approved through Council report CSRS22-003 for funding for the community garden program and $25,000 for funding of the Canada Day and Victoria Day Fireworks.

Performance Data

User Statistics
Program type202020212022 (forecast)
Subsidy Applications 52 93 175
Permitting Revenue 698 118,849 420,479
Instructional Sport 25,108 13,622 108,885
Downtown Youth Space users 495 220 840
Summer Aquatics (beaches, wading pools) 14,331 14,588 14,900
Marina Revenue 720 276,295 423,536

2023 Overview

Recreation Facilities and Programs
Description2023 recommended
Revenues $3,104,599
Expenditures $1,891,447
Net requirement $1,213,152

Peterborough Sport and Wellness Centre

The Peterborough Sport and Wellness Centre (PSWC) is a leisure recreational complex that offers community recreational programs and services. The PSWC includes features such as leisure and therapy pools, exercise studio, fitness centre, three gymnasiums, multi-purpose meeting rooms, and a youth room. In addition to serving the City of Peterborough and surrounding communities, the PSWC serves the full-time student population at Fleming College - Sutherland Campus and the Seneca College - Aviation Campus, and is home to the Fleming College Varsity teams, The Fleming Knights. These student groups are serviced in partnership between the City of Peterborough, Fleming College and the Fleming College Student Administrative Council.


As the community recovers from the pandemic, there is a continued anticipated impact on overall membership revenue, with a slight increase in membership projected for 2023. All expenses continue to adjust to reflect the overall reduction in membership revenue, including an anticipated reduction in maintenance-related expenses for the aquatic centre due to the replacement of the Wellness Centre HVAC Equipment. 

The focus for the 2023 operations will continue to adjust the delivery model due to COVID-19, including continued review of enhanced cleaning, focus on membership growth and engagement, and adaptation of our program model. 

Program changes will include new family and children member classes, which are included in the family and children membership options, providing a more comprehensive range of programs for children and families to access. Sport and Fitness programs will continue to focus on indoor-outdoor program mix and utilizing the nature trails unique to the Fleming College grounds. New adult leisure programs will be introduced to the overall program model to help address social isolation and program affordability resulting from the pandemic's impacts.

Performance Data

Revenues - Sport and Wellness Centre programs
Program type202020212022 (forecast)
Membership Sales $236,043 $279,103 $773,371
Day Passes $27,591 $23,855 $82,871
Child and Youth $23,390 $24,917 $20,074
Swim Lessons $66,119 $29,140 $260,213
Day Camps $0 $125,543 $192,048

2023 Overview

Sport and Wellness Centre
Description2023 recommended
Expenditures $2,557,234
Revenues $2,557,234
Net requirement $0