Planning, Development and Urban Design includes the administration and processing of all municipal planning activities, subdivision plans, site plans, zoning, and Official Plan amendments, as well as administering the work of the Committee of Adjustment. Staff research and monitor community planning and development opportunities. This division also administers the development of the City’s industrial parks. Beginning in 2023, the Division includes Heritage Planning and the Heritage Preservation Office which were formerly included in the Community Services Department.

2024 Overview

Planning, Development and Urban Design
Description2024 recommended
Expenditures $4,244,719
Revenues $1,852,532
Net requirement $2,392,187


The Heritage Preservation Office (HPO) is responsible for the Heritage Property Tax Relief Program heritage designation, archaeological investigations, supporting Peterborough Architectural Conservation Advisory Committee, Doors Open and preserving the City’s built heritage. The HPO advises Council and liaises with staff on issues relating to built heritage, designations, and the Heritage Register.

The Peterborough Architectural Conservation Advisory Committee (PACAC) is a legislated committee of council which advises on matters relating to the conservation of the community’s built heritage, including listing and designation of properties under the Ontario Heritage Act, alterations to heritage buildings, reviewing planning applications relating to heritage resources, participating in municipal planning exercises relating to heritage matters, and public education programming such as Doors Open Peterborough and the Heritage Hunt. 

The increase in revenues in the 2024 budget is a result of an increase in planning application fee rates. The increase in expenditures in 2024 is due to approved wage and benefits increases and the new Ecologist and Natural Heritage Planner position.

This new position will review and comment on development applications and corporate projects as needed to ensure compliance with City Official Plan policies, Provincial policies, and applicable Provincial and Federal legislation with respect to natural heritage including, but not limited to, wetlands, fish and wildlife habitat, endangered species and species at risk, and woodlands. The position is necessary as recent legislative changes have removed the Otonabee Region Conservation Authority's power to provide land use planning advice to the City on natural heritage matters. Review and commenting on matters of natural heritage in land use planning is now a municipal responsibility.

Capital budget

Capital budget projects in the 2024 Budget include the following: Parkland Development Assistance; Employment Land Development and Implementation Strategy; Central Area Community Improvement Plan; Central Area Master Plan Implementation Phase; Downtown Built Environment Outdoor Patio Program; and Secondary Plans for Strategic Growth Areas as part of the City's Official Plan Update. 

The Heritage Capital Budget includes a Wall of Honour Names Addition project.

The 2024 Budget Highlights book provides additional details about all initiatives.