Peterborough Airport is an aviation industrial park, a service to area businesses, a community gateway for the public, tourism, business and general aviation.


The Peterborough Airport is a very active industrial park, containing 23 businesses and educational institutions, employing over 500 full time plus seasonal employees. Seneca College School of Aviation and Flight Technology is located at the Airport with 150 to 200 students attending classes. Aircraft movements are approximately 50,000 per year.

The Airport Superintendent leads the Airport development activities, tenant relations and oversees the contracted service for airport operations. Loomex Property Management has completed nine of eleven years of their Airport Management and Operations contract. The Contract places the burden of supplying, maintaining and replacing equipment on the Contractor within the amount in the agreement. This ensures predictability in operating expenses for the next three years. 

The 2022 operating budget reflects an increase in day-to-day costs due to utilities, insurance, grounds maintenance of off-site properties and contractual services as to the Airport Management and Operations contract. The revenues reflect an increase due to leases, tiedowns and servicing cost recovery. Property taxes are paid to Cavan Monaghan Township and are recovered from tenants.

Performance Data

LPS Consulting completed a Business Plan and a draft Master Plan in 2009. WSP completed the Strategic Development Plan in 2017, building on the previous plans including new business opportunities and land use planning. The Strategic Development Plan was adopted by Council through Report PLAIR18-002 dated February 5, 2017. The Strategic Development Plan will be used to guide development and business attraction.

In 2022, the focus will continue to be on marketing the airport facility for industrial/commercial uses, private hangars, charter and scheduled flights. Airport staff will be working as a member of the Southern Ontario Airport Network, a joint effort to capture the projected growth of aviation business in Southern Ontario.

Any remaining development review fees are transferred to a reserve to be used for future airport development related

An annual contribution to the Airport Development Debt Servicing Reserve of $1.117 million is necessary to fund the City's share of the ISF Airport Expansion Capital Project. The dedicated Pavement Reserve contribution of $50,000 will continue, to maintain the asphalt surfaces.

2022 Overview

Description2022 recommended
Expenditures $3,370,014
Revenues $1,066,150
Net requirement $2,303,864