The Infrastructure, Planning and Growth Management Department is responsible for developing, implementing, and administering the policies, programs, and projects that plan and build our community in a sustainable way. The department includes the following Divisions: Planning, Development and Urban Design; Building Services; Asset Management and Capital Planning; and Engineering and Capital Works. This Department uses data-driven approaches to inform evidence-based decision-making to ensure that the necessary infrastructure is planned and built to support a diverse range of land uses that foster a vibrant and prosperous community. Core functions range from stewarding the vision established by the Official Plan and administering land-use planning approvals and building permits to overseeing the capital planning and delivery of major infrastructure projects required to support the needs of our growing community.

The Office of the Infrastructure, Planning and Growth Management Commissioner leads and oversees the Department in the planning and delivery of essential policy frameworks and infrastructure services that our citizens rely on every day with a focus of managing growth in a sustainable way; including roads, sidewalks, parking facilities, stormwater facilities, sanitary systems, building permits and land use applications. 

This Division includes the Commissioner of Infrastructure, Planning and Growth Management, the Administrative Assistant to
the Commissioner and a new position in 2024 for an Infrastructure Business Analyst. 

The increase in the budget for 2024 is due to a change in the use of reserves within the division, a change in allocation of the Commissioner’s salary and benefits which was previously allocated to all divisions within the department and is not for 2024, and the new Infrastructure Business Analyst position.

Divisions of the Infrastructure, Planning and Growth Management Department

  • Asset Management and Capital Planning
  • Building Services
  • Engineering and Capital Works
  • Planning, Development and Urban Design

The Commissioner provides strategic leadership to the works of all Divisions within the Department and is the liaison with Council. 

2024 Overview

Office of the Infrastructure and Planning Services Commissioner
Description2024 recommended
Expenditures $530,037
Revenues $295,243
Net requirement $234,794