The Infrastructure Management division coordinates and manages the programs focused on ensuring longevity and sustainability of the City’s infrastructure such as road, storm and sanitary infrastructure, the City’s internal Geographic Information System (GIS) technology and mapping services, the City’s urban forest infrastructure as well as the long-term Corporate Asset Management Plan and Corporate Sustainability and Climate Change Programs.


Information and condition of infrastructure assets is collected and used as input to the capital program development. Work of this nature is ongoing, allowing staff to utilize the information to create proactive maintenance programs necessary to maximize life cycle of municipal infrastructure and to make the best use of capital funding.

Data is collected to track greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by the Corporation of the City of Peterborough and in the community and inform climate mitigation initiatives to reduce GHGs in the City. Ongoing and future initiatives include installing electrical vehicle charging infrastructure to aid in decarbonizing the municipal fleet, creating a GHG reduction pathway plan for municipal facilities, developing a home energy efficiency program for local residents, and supporting community initiatives to reduce GHGs from local businesses through the Green Economy Peterborough Hub.

The division will continue to develop corporate and community plans to help the City adapt to the impacts of climate change (more intense and frequent rainfall events, higher temperatures, etc.) and increase community resilience.

Key initiatives

  • Development and refinement of the Corporate Asset Management Plan
  • Watershed planning and Low Impact Development
  • Conveyance sewer systems performance and capacity
  • Urban Forest Strategic Plan and Canopy Conservation By-Laws
  • GIS Open Data Initiative and Data Governance
  • Refinement of mapping/GIS/data for public use
  • Coordinate Corporate Sustainability program
  • Administration of Corporate and Community Climate Change Action Plans

2023 Overview

Infrastructure Management
Description2023 recommended
Expenditures $3,128,884
Revenues $1,511,416
Net requirement $1,617,468