Strategic Communications guides, supports, and coordinates communication activities, corporate customer service initiatives and will oversee the operations of the new Service Peterborough section. Approved by Council in 2023 with Report CLSFS23-031, Service Peterborough is an integrated, centralized customer service approach for in-person and by-phone interactions at City Hall. Bringing together front-line services into a consolidated contact point will make it easier for residents, businesses, and customers to access and navigate City services.

Draft 2024 Budget overview

Communication Services
Description2024 recommended
Expenditures $529,509
Revenues -
Net requirement $529,509
Service Peterborough
Description2024 recommended
Expenditures $425,112
Revenues -
Net requirement $425,112

The increased 2024 budget is due to the introduction of Service Peterborough and includes general office operating costs and the personnel costs for frontline staff, as well as a new position, Service Peterborough Manager. Five existing staff positions from other program areas are being moved to the Strategic Communications and Service Peterborough Division, along with one existing position from the Division and the proposed new Service Peterborough Manager position, to create Service Peterborough.

The new position will be responsible for the strategic leadership and operational management of Service Peterborough, including the development and execution of Peterborough's customer strategy that aligns with the City's vision and strategic goals. The position will also monitor customer service trends, leverage data analytics and customer service feedback to assist with customer needs, adapt to changes and continuously improve the customer experience.

Full budget details are available in the Draft 2024 Budget book.