The Library's 2024 budget reflects an increase in library programming, activities, and events post-pandemic. An internal staffing reorganization was implemented in 2022 to shift the staffing focus to a service-centric model, with the goal of ensuring the continued growth and success of the Library.

The Library is seeing an increase in technology costs associated with software licenses and product subscription fees. The costs associated with library book vendors and digital collections have also increased, largely due to publisher agreements and the fluctuating exchange rate of the US dollar. There has been a notable increase in digital collection usage since 2020.

A new library branch was approved as part of the Miskin Law Community Complex opening in late 2024. Funds have been included in the 2024 budget to recognize the costs to operate the new branch for the 4th quarter. Included are costs for the space lease, programs, collection development, outreach, events, and activities, as well as 1.5 FTEs for a Public Service Team Lead position and 0.5 FTE for a Public Service Marketing position.

Collections Acquisition

2024 sees the opening of a library branch at the Peterborough Community Complex at Morrow Park, resulting in additional collection acquisitions funding to support services at this facility. The addition of the self-serve Kiosks (two in 2023) and the new branch at the Peterborough Community Complex (in 2024) will aid in spreading out the physical collection across the city for easier access by the community. The primary collection will still be housed at the Main Branch.

The library maintains a zero-growth practice for the physical collection. For every item purchased, an equivalent one is withdrawn. Collection growth and expansion is managed through the purchase of electronic resources and the downloadable collection. Circulation statistics have shown a marked increase and demonstrate a growing use of the electronic collection, particularly e-audiobooks and streaming services. Increasing item costs, publisher restrictions, exchange rates and licensing for digital formats make meeting demands challenging.

Description2024 recommended
Expenditures 4,011,354
Revenues $250,856
Net requirement $3,760,498
The library's Tangible Capital Budget summary provides information on the investments in the 2024 collections acquisitions and the book kiosk.